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Know. We're going to talk today. The coober pedy coup coober couvert. PD Heuberger appea- is fun to say it is fun regardless of water who that is it is a town in South Australia north of Adelaide on the sturt highway what's up as he freaks soon love yeah so the District Council of cooter. PD coober pedy cooter fee that would be coomer. PD estimates that the population is around twenty five hundred the two thousand sixteen census says that the population Asian is seventeen sixty two so approximately sixty percent of the people living in Coober pedy are European in in heritage the migrated from southern and eastern Europe after the Second World War there were three hundred to aboriginal and or Torres Torres Strait islander people that made up about seventeen percent of the population all in all there are about forty five plus nationalities represented presented in Coober pedy being such a small place or or sparsely populated place. That's incredible of these. The people about half live underground all right. You've got my attention now. I have always wanted to have like a bomb shelter or a fallout all out shelter but a really cool one with a pool table should have a pool table yeah and I've got it all mapped out in my head about how you get down into it. It has is like a trap door but the trap door is disguised as a tree stump. You and I've talked about this very early conversation conversation that you and I had when we discovered that we both dreamed of building a house underground yours was a tree stump. Mine was like a tool shed but it had one of those floor fifty. That's cool hidden entries. I've actually modified the tree stump idea. I want to incorporate the foot foot. Pedal trash can lid technology. Oh yeah absolutely so you step on the route and then you know it'll open up in the top and then you scurry down into your bunker hunker in play pool that sounds amazing yeah no very very similar dreams and goals so are they living in manmade subterranean dwellings or are these caves or caverns that have been adapted. Tell me all about this okay so coober. pedy is is an opal mining place. The first Opel was found on February one nineteen fifteen and since then the town has been supplying most of the world's gem quality opal the town is sometimes referred to as the Opel capital of the world because of the quantity of precious opal that our mind their coober pedy he also has a very hot desert climate. It's dry and hot in the summer little cooler and dry in the winter. The best time of year is according according to whether base dot com between April and October the weather is most mild then average summer temperatures though range from thirty six degrees Celsius which is about ninety six point eight degrees Fahrenheit during the day and twenty degrees Celsius or sixty eight degrees Fahrenheit at night and January is the hottest month of the year with temperatures around forty two degrees Celsius during the day being very common. That's about one hundred eight degrees. They're the hottest day on record in Coober pedy one hundred eighteen degrees Fahrenheit. That's forty seven point eight eight degrees Celsius coldest twenty eight degrees Fahrenheit or two negative two degrees Celsius some serious his temperature swings there so this incredibly hot arid environment is also a very sought after by a lot of movie producers parts of Mad Max three beyond Thunderdome the adventures of Priscilla Queen of the desert chronicles of Riddick pitch black all filmed in that region but it does does make regular life kind of tough so when miners started moving to this region they would work in the mines all day and they realized that the minds were much cooler at night then their homes so minor started sleeping in the minds at night I know I would I cannot sleep if if I'm overheated I am the most miserable son of a bitch when I'm overheated at night especially if it's if it's humid as well the only way I was able asleep for a long time is by putting a shitty BOUSSAC on my neck. Oh yes the sweet cooling graces of Shitty Booze sock. It was some booze that somebody he gave us and said Hey put this in your freezer and so we did and we never really used it except for when I was overheated needed I would put it on my neck but I put in a sock because it was too cold yeah so shitty boosts Shitty BOUSSAC. Get Yours now yeah no. I'm the same I like. I like hot weather. I like being warm except for at night no so of course the idea of well. Let's just stay underground question question mark kind of became a thing and the early coober pedy dugouts which is what these underground homes are called were actually usually the holes that had been dug originally in search of Opel back then opal-mining was backbreaking manual labor so the earliest of of the homes where no bigger than they actually had to be so they're pretty small they were they were what you'd picture. A dugout might be probably digging in that that environment would be very difficult because the ground was probably I'm sure still is heat baked and hard and very difficult to dig through yeah but the people were always digging. They're always in search of the next big Opel. Find and homes were being expanded. A wonderful example of an early dugout that continued being built was the home of Faye and her home is actually known as phase underground home. It is has a home that is actually open to the public at all times yeah and her home underground has three bedrooms with walking closets living room a bar a wine cellar. She airbnb this a billiard room swimming pool yes. She does say knows what's up. Oh my God. I want to stay there. I don't think that phase home is available for Airbnb but there are Dr Dugouts are two airbnb all right we could stay at one of those and then go visit Fay. Absolutely there are also to underground ground churches Saint Peter and Paul Catholic underground church is located in Coober pedy and has some beautiful hand-dug pughs the sandstone in coober pedia perfectly suited for underground home so it's pretty easy to dig through once you get to the sandstone but it structurally truly sound that's right. It's strong stable. not a lot of risk of cave-ins not a lot of complicated engineering necessary to calculate ceiling heights are spans. One of the residents said that when he was young mining and digging were such a part of his life that he would go to school he would come home. They would do their homework. They would have dinner and then dad would get out the pickaxes and everyone in the family would go dick so it just made sense that where there are so few regulations for homes underground and you're doing this digging anyway. It's part of your life that they they make these incredible incredible homes so you can go out and dig for opals and create a home for yourself at the same time and if you're lucky you'll find some opals and then you can get a really nice his pool table. That's right you could so a lot of the early dugouts obviously dug by hand but there are tunnelling machines now which leave actually really nice pattern Saturn on the wall and the sandstone has a beautiful maroon and rose colored to it. Sometimes it's Kinda swirly pattern so it's really pretty it's very warm and friendly looking it's not dark and craggy and you know monkey like you might picture underground. It's it's bright and and lovely and because they seal these walls dusty so they also have ventilation shafts offs up through the roofs so that fresh air is coming in and keeps it from getting stuffy or the able to get any natural light down there through various slighting ducts or there have been some really interesting designs to get as much natural light in as you can think that you know all really really all you need to do is just put up the right type of daylight lighting systems right and also many of these dugouts are built into the sides of mountains so your entrance is at ground level so you have that opportunity to get that light into and if you build the right shafts the front of the house could could be well. Let's keep in mind also this is very eco friendly because the underground space stays the same temperature year round around so you don't have to worry about heating and cooling costs which in this region you would have to do both above ground underground though none of those worries which is why so many people and businesses have opted to make their business are opted to build underground braid so not only are homes underground but stores.

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