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So. yeah I saw some of the some of the biggest asset the jazz got tonight were any swaras who came in and he got to be gods. and then all of a sudden here comes. hitter do picture do internet picture do interview picture. and the work that's exciting. the I mean you can't really tell how a game. takes place just look at the scores a one nothing game but. the jets left eleven men on base they were baserunners every inning of the game all all night long the jazz had so many excellent defensive play I thought that the the bell Crawford back to bell double play in the eight that that was sensational good there's nobody that's not a faster runner in the league and then Cody Ballenger. many double play balls and to get a three six three on Ballenger that's not easy to do what they did and the long Doria's dive in the second inning save the run maybe to run baby too yeah. he kept is a base hit but you know a lot of the bases that they get the picture of the strike him out alarm the who was the the second inning with a couple of men on a couple walks ki K. Hernandez it's when I the whole crowd knew that it was gone FOR racing across the green caught up to just before you he banged into the wall out there so anyway. a heck of a game so much drama so much excitement and all these young giants coming up big in this park in the rivalry with the sellout crowd for the second night in a row that it it makes it that much more satisfying for the giants. all that reseal divine who got his first a base tonight he's one behind Stephen vote on the all time list. I was both votes first deal in five years second of his career and second of his career. I'm saying they just didn't get enough chances. you know who would put a stop sign on a pretty fast runner anyway great win for the jets will pick some players we come back.

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