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Miller extravaganza producing the big program and that yes here we made it and I I'm willing to back and I said this to both of you guys I think I'm willing to bet that if you were to serve a one hundred people right now but they're in a mall the outside somewhere I would say half fifty percent of people could not tell you the day of the week within three seconds I ate because when we're writing those teases and I'd I'd left Thursday and without double checking and then as you read it like a hole I hope it's Thursday yeah we did that this morning as well so don't feel that if you just walk up to somebody right now wherever you are and say three seconds what the the week of it three two one I don't think that might need to use some feels like a Monday kind of have no concept of what day it is coming up on the big program here today hope everybody had a very blessed Christmas you got what you wanted and if not you've already traded in or return it for something that you really did want three twenty four the rock Leri McCarron will tell us about his Christmas get us ready for a Titanic match up in week seventeen against the lions we'll talk box with Dustin god see at three fifty one for twenty one what happened to Kim jong-un's Christmas present for us never happened CBS news analysts north Korean analyst Pam Falk will dive into that we'll talk about the returning of gifts throughout the afternoon we'll take some calls after four thirty as well are you out there did you return things what's the etiquette for returning there's all kinds of things we can dive into that poly keeps this updated on the sports headlines of the day he's next on WTMJ one thousand that's how many breaths we take each day think about taking a twenty thousand step walk with the pebble your walk certainly would be compromised it wouldn't take long for you to stop to get people out well when you can't breathe through your nose each of your twenty thousand breasts are compromised every single day so why not start today and do something and then a simple in office procedures like balloon sign of plasti can have you breathing better three your nose in only twenty minutes I'm doctor Marvin candle after having this procedure and.

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