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GNC DOT com. War? Millions of people have lost their jobs over the past six months and one of them was Aaron Lee. She's a single mom with three teenagers and they live outside of Flint Michigan. When we spoke with Erin she was getting state unemployment benefits plus an extra six hundred dollars a week from the federal government. She. told us what it was like when that money I hit her bank account. and My dove did a little happy counting and kids laughed. At me that was I think most joyous moment that I'd had. Mrs Just. The feeling of I can haul and catch up on those. Go to the grocery store. Phillies it sounds amazing. Feeling. The six hundred dollar benefit helped Erin and her family make ends meet. But it expired at the end of July and Erin is still out of work. So, two months later, we asked Erin how much she's now living on each week two, hundred, eighty, five dollars. It's you and three kids How does that get you through a week? Oh well, it's obviously isn't even close to being enough my bank accounts defeating right now just like a lot of people. It's kind of frustrating as a parent. You know when your kids come to you and they ask for reasonable things. Kind of way on the scale of one to ten, how important it might be. I'm looking at how fast my son's growing. I'm like I think I can wait just a little while longer to get you some clothes and then there's other senses that I didn't. Really think about that are actually kind of costly I. Guess you know somebody broke their computer and they needed another one in like, Oh, you know what I mean like yeah stuff like that. So it's like those unexpected things. That kind of keep me up at night. Aaron would like to get back to her work as a chef, but she's afraid of going back to the restaurant world. She worries about bringing Kovic home to her kids one of whom is immuno-compromised. So she's been thinking about other ways to make money. There's a little market in the city that I live in and they are renting out space. And I was able to secure one of those. So I am going to doing cast iron artisan breads and organic herb infused cooking oils. Wow. Yeah. I've never broken out and went into business for myself. There's a lot of things that I'm going to need to figure out. Coming up here real quick but I'm kind of excited about it. I mean it's it could be very good for me. If I can pull it off. But. If she can't pull it off Erin, we'll have to start making some bigger changes. It comes down to it I will. I'll have to sell the house and think about something else. And that's like. Worse case scenario that I don't WanNa get too so. That's what I'm.

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