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Week joining us again. Back with some art are you. Are you in the Polar Vortex Jerry? I don't even not even know it reached that far south. Wasn't that a movie with Tom. Hanks yes. I'm pretty sure Tom. Hanks's run the gamut of every weather related movie in history. But Are you? Are you leaving freezing right now? Because its freezing here in. Toronto is like seventy yesterday. And it's like seventy below today. I think that's unacceptable world. Come on already dealing with enough as it is. And I'm so pleased to welcome. Back Martin. Bart's tech alter is as you may know him on the Internet Back to the show. Martin how are you man? I'm doing great. No polar vortex over here. We have very good western Berlin. I don't actually think you've ever had a polar vortex in Europe. That's I don't think that's the thing that you have. I remember one so it could be possibly it means it's basically when the jet stream brings a bunch of Arctic air and has it sit on top of your face for a couple of weeks and then we get unseasonably cold weather in May where it snows in New England. And I think it's the coldest it's ever been in parts of Alabama right now in. May It's it's very strange if you WANNA learn more about it. The Washington Post had a really good explainer on what it is but I wanted to ask you. How's how's life in Berlin? I feel like you guys must be out of the worst of it. Since you had a quick A relatively quick flattening of the curve over there. Yeah I think compared to the rest of the world We're doing okay People certainly don't seem to be too stressed. About Dependent mckinney more. People are out in about a stores have started opening. So you can actually unless the story is very big you can actually just go in and and Shop you have to wear masks In Public Transport and in stores but life is slowly returning to normal. So not too bad. And what does that look like? From a just from a bureaucracy perspective are people still being tested. Is there still community spread or is that largely finished now? People are definitely still being tested. I think Germany has one of the highest testing rates per capita of I think almost all the countries in the world at least the big developed ones and there. They continued to do quite a lot of testing but they weren't any huge Problems with the healthcare system. The there were no big spikes and the emergency rooms so generally speaking the healthcare system didn't collapse really anywhere so I think in general life is just slowly returning to normal. There's testing and that's really good news. It's quite stark seeing the The number of cases in verses its per capita death rate compared to other countries like Italy Spain the US Canada basically every other country in the world's Germany seems to have done a really good job. Keeping everybody your most people who was infected with the virus alive which is a testament to the healthcare system for sure. Yeah and I think it's there's two factors the one that you've said there's the healthcare system was working quite well. Nothing the other one is that they did a lot of testing and they did a lot of contact. Tracing quite early so probably. The reported number of cases is actually is way closer to the reality than in most countries. So you just see like you see lower rate because you just have a more more accurate number That you comparing to the number of cases is more accurate. That's actually a really good point because the numbers that we see when we go to our local newspaper websites and check the daily case rates. It's it's basically reflective of just how many how many tests been able to perform rather than the reality of how many people are infected except in some countries like Germany and South Korea. So Amazing Amazing News. I'm really glad to hear that everybody's most people are doing well and that you're safe and healthy. I wanted to bring you on the show. Because you're celebrating. Something Pretty Momentous this week you launched your first. App called crowd and it is a i. Guess a crowd source smartphone review evaluation quite QNA Faq B. R. B. W. T. F. You know APP and I. I would love to hear a bit more about it because it's something you discuss the last time you were on the show in January and I guess back then it was still in sort of earlier Alpha stage. But you've now launched an open Beta. Anybody can downloaded with an and request a an invite code so tell us about what crowd is and why you think it's important for the market right now. The crowd is It's an android APP for an hour going to bring it to us on the web at some point as well but it's an android happened. I guess the the concept is to give Tech enthusiasts black ourselves a place where they can review a the gadgets that they own. That's not only for smartphones. You can also review. I don't know what your Vr headset. Your drone your Google home Stuff so you can review all the gadgets that you own. We've developed a whole Mechanics how reviews work on platform as as opposed to other crowdsourced review platforms. Because we think that they're quite clunky and we don't realize how they work and of course you can Find a lot of reviews from from other tech enthusiasts. We've been out for about a a week and that the response has I think has been overwhelmingly a positive. I mean if I if I expected X. amount of excitement we got tax so people have been really really Excited about it and I guess the the concept of of crowd is that there really isn't Currently I think a good place for for for tech enthusiasts to foot for the community that we have to kind of Voice their opinion and to to let them have an avenue where they can review the products that that the that the own end and to vote about which products they like in which ones they don't like and we would like to build that community for them. So I just wanted to publicly hold you accountable for my inevitable job loss. Because this is completely unacceptable. Martin I don't. I don't like where this is going. No I think I think it's amazing. I think the democratization of product evaluation needed to happen. It's happened through the comments and through forums. Those as you said are credibly. Clunky what was the I mean you? You mentioned that previous examples of this were really bad. But what was the impetus for building this particular product in this way as a mobile APP rather than a mobile website or sort of as a some other form that could've taken On on maybe a different platform so the reason we chose to go with a android is simply because most of my viewers are using android phones. I think it's about eighty percent and obviously our audiences are first user. Basil just made sense to develop something for the majority of my audience But yeah so what we wanted to achieve of. This was the the original idea for crowd. L. Standing in a store trying to buy a product specifically an ST card for my camera. And trying to figure out if like which one of these St Cards. I have to buy. That would be fast enough for my camera and it took me. I don't know twenty thirty minutes of research store on my phone. I was just so annoyed why I couldn't ask people who own this camera would have been such an easy easy answer and this is kind of where we realized that. There's there's a lot missing from the review experience online. For the one part I think Professional reviewers like yourselves or like youtubers. I don't do many reviews but youtubers like me. We can only cover so many products are we can cover the latest iphones delayed. Samsung phones. Delayed US job. Bre Headsets and whatever but there's a lot that we can't properly cover And we also thought that the the people can cover it so the actual owners and the community. Their current is so clunky. Like if you go if you go to an Amazon store listing for example. You have five thousand reviews. You're never going to get what those five thousand people are saying. Because it's just five thousand little pieces of taxi it's never to. Never GonNa read. It doesn't add up to anything. You can't easily scan it. You can't interact with it instantly. It's I feel like it's a very old school and solution. Basically just give people an open field and then let them do whatever so what we want to do is to break review down to its core components and to make those really easy to both supply and and to to define what you're looking for so we have currently two main things you can do on the APP one. You can give a star ratings on different features of a product so for example depending on what product is that say you have a VR headset? You can read it Based on very specific criteria that has relative. Vr headsets. Like how accurate does the Han tracking? How accurate is the head tracking if it has a battery? How good is the battery? How good is the field of you? And you can rate these It becomes quantifiable. So so you can see from the five thousand users how many people thought that The field of view was great. How many of them had durability issues? How many of them thought that. The cable broke easily and so on and so forth. And so you get a very quick nice overview at where having more people actually makes the review experience better and the to go back to my original question you can ask people you can ask owners real questions and a the what we working up to to get you. A answers Hopefully are are to get at least ten answers From owners an under a minute so basically you can ask. Is this the card fast enough for my camera? You send it off than the owners get notification and right from the notification they can just tap yes or no on the notification. They don't even have to open the APP. And this gives you such quick feedback. We've actually test this. We now have We were very selective on of who we've let into the APP so far so we have a fairly small user base We have we already have forty thousand answers and people are like incredibly engaged an incredibly quick to answer and and it really works that if you pick a product that This relatively small user base actually owns Then then you you can. You can really just ask a question and the answer comes back you can just see the answers pouring in said really makes it easier for you to make a purchase decision to decide what's good.

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