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Ending for multiple devices at the same time. Some end the four deputies customers motto scare fourth. I i started making it. It was very initial phase for for japan's customer. So we we have released data if japanese customer is able to do in house it or not so we have to Like eat the rate right. Yea not it. Certainly. i think that it is There are lots of layers and lots of layers which you're talking about is probably multiple. Api's working with multiple devices on the back end and controlling those devices. Certainly certainly very challenging. I think i think that's one thing about the voice. Tech industry is it. It is very very deep. The layers go very deep with regards to interface. It's very different from a smartphone or an internet a website where you got one interface in you can can really control the interface with voice can't see that interface it's not it's it's out there. And then and then being older then distill that down and control. All these devices is super challenging Tell us a little go ahead. I wanted to say that the Still it's charring on user to remember that the prompt yeah i think voice you i must be must not force the user what to say but current voice assistant in this. This is issued at The assistant need like particular prompt. Or not though this program so i hope I know that in the united states the alexa competition. the more. Like other bast types of competencies off japan. We re can't use it yet so you It's it's sometimes it's challenging. So what's happening. I think in english For the smart devices machine learning on the back end is learning all the time The intense that us and so the devices are getting smarter over time. And that's that then has to be recreated In each in each language So what you're saying is Your version of smart speakers might be a little behind where Where maybe english speaking smart speakers are today's correct so let's talk a little bit about the future. What where would you like to see voice voicemail. Go in terms of a company. What are your goals for the company and will we see you assume that we get a post pandemic what we see back at a voice summit in the united states yeah.

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