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What do you want the winner of habib poor which has been discussed in the past. They're fighting it just a couple of weeks in abu dhabi. Is it someone else who does conor mcgregor want in his highly anticipated repeated return fight in the return void. You know i want my world heidelberg. I want that redemption. The campbell's was incorrect. I learned so much on that and look at known known the commitment i had in that combat known the performance i put on. He ran away around that you ran away for not fujiwara it didn't it didn't throw a punch. He shot for legs for forty two punch the fourth round. I should have been talking to hareb. He says he was talking to me. In the cage was no whisper out of him until he ended up in a dominant position then reason the end of that dominant position because i walked around with disrespect towards him because he was running around the cage. I switched off millisecond got lucky shot even after he got to look short aw although it was a beautiful shot even if you've got the balance michael but engaged what did he do shot again but whatever it is many great teams can take from that and i can. I can come back and eventually and shot but i'm not gonna wait around. I'm not what whoever if you're asking me who whoever if if this thing goes in and does those then if nate nate if hoy i don't know i don't you know what's always talking about about soy's and all that. I don't know what what i don't even know where he that wealthy ones. I'm just seeing the last when i saw i saw the quinta belton but i mean anyone tony ferguson juiced engage holloway rematch aldo rematch to so many boats from so many and in reality the it does not matter who is just about getting back in. I'm being being who i am not a shell of myself not a half committed. I was almost if i wanted to say what i was. I was committed in the in the gym and not committed enough outside of it. The training sessions were too serious and then when i left the g._m. It was gone from my mind. I and i would go off into into jungle and you cannot do you cannot be happy and especially in a game like this and i paid the price for it and that's it and although i had reasons and i had injuries who who gives a shit who gives a shit what happened happened. I know what i can do. I've done it before. I've done it before when i was doubted so i'm eager to do again true or false. You'll fight again this year i would say true. I would say we can can get that on i would i would say we can get that. Don't like i said yesterday i spoke to the surgeon grappling begin grappler now. I'm already shape. I have not lost my condition so oh i'm in shape. I just need shop of the graph and just feed how to re group feels on the wrist and things like that but i can punch fully. So what are we now august. Come on i would say so i would look for that. Yes for the end of the year and would it be fair to say that the the prime option would be al habib gets by that rivalries still seems very personal. It still seems like there's a lot of heat there and it still seems like you think that you could be habib. Jump right in there no tuneup fight. Just go back in there and try to avenge that loss stole leaving dully the dove in on one foot. My foot was a balloon is a balloon. He wanna wanna see me and my toes came out of the socket combing their cage break mike in the place that thing balloon hobbled in there and walked them down and did not give huge shits and that was without com. That was a half committed comp. There's no doubt if that's what if that's what they're that's what i'll take but if not yep i'll take what's i'll take whatever's there and there's plenty there like i just named ma-.

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