Orlando, President Trump, El Paso Walmart discussed on Sean Hannity


Ten news ninety six point five W. D. B. over Orlando turns first. related shower moving through we need something to cool things down already ninety two so far today in Orlando mostly sunny ninety one at Amway center downtown Orlando I'm twenty. in five minutes president trump will be visiting the villages come Thursday back in August the president had skid had canceled a scheduled trip to the villages due to the mass shootings at an el Paso Walmart and in Dayton Ohio there will be a public viewing or Wednesday at First Baptist Church Orlando for the FHP trooper killed in a car crash last week Tracy Vickers was on his way home at the end of his shift when for some reason he collided with construction equipment he was killed at the scene a memorial service and burial will take place on Thursday and clueless stars Stacey dash under arrest in Florida on charges of domestic battery after a fight with her husband TMZ reporting a fifty two year old was taken into custody by the Pasco county sheriff's office when they responded to a call at her home in new port Richey around eight o'clock last night seven thirty to excuse me three thirty two at news ninety six point five W. DPO. it's happening what Tina what are you doing in my car space is here now no because it will be left behind his closet the container store custom because it's up to twenty five percent off it doesn't matter the size or shape space is coming to them all you're not serious space choked Jess how long do we have the rock Tober thirteen all right but.

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