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Any little kids looking for an asian rapper would come across my face jin hot this time i'm trying to think of when he wasn't necessarily popping but this was also the first really the first one where you could look up anything online on the that video search engine video of ronin santa figured let's hope people are searching for all jin freestyles they come across my shit and potentially or become fans you know i i feel like i didn't really realize how important jin was to asian people in general but then i was in i was in shanghai and maybe two thousand an eleven and i casually like jokingly mentioned gin and the fucking chinese gene is very good man brian wilson in china yeah jay leno out there they have so much respect to him and it seems so foreign to them that i just mentioned his name in like a joking context like genuinely concerned. Oh no you're not trying to clown jin like that. Not only that when gene i dropped i was kinda mad because i was in junior your high like a freshman in high school probably just trying to like you know beginning to write rabs and be rapper and stuff and then <hes> somebody boy me up and he was like yo one six in park does asian and do wrapping. He looks just like you and i was like mash these problems you know they'd say we look like as we asian or whatever right so i turned on bbc one spark. I'm like this dude really looks like me say take back then we used to dress the same with the cavs and the like oversize hoodies and stuff and we genuinely kind of look similar and i remember walking around no not scary farm when jin was popping and he's like flock of girls were following me 'cause they thought i was jin. One six and i was like yeah rough rider hall of front. The dream is to get some from being someone. You're not just keep it going all night so he also mad people met. Asian dudes have me as their like tinder picture and if it's not my face it's pictures whitney that they've taken like literally a girl like that. I know two days ago. We're like last week was like yo. Why is everybody in my area. Tinder profiles a picture with having a couple times but i don't feel like it's like a real epidemic. Dan hit me up. He's like look at this guy. Why is this photo. I don't know well you know. It's not a lot of asian do doing it for asian people. He says feeling feeling you've had for a long time or is that a newish feeling that asian representation is important and lacking that is pretty much the reason why i started doing entertainment entertainment stuff you know i'm not the only reason i liked being on stage. I like performing our money. I mean it's definitely a lot of that to <music> out right and definitely for my egos. Well just wanna be popping right would it of course but also house has its perks but like for sure turks being one of the perks yeah parks crazy about a lot of perks of the house like talking about person recreation. That's my that's. That's my mic save parks eight. That's that's actually a really low. Pump was coming out right now and i was manager. I would tell him that. That's the best mix tape idea. I heard that's that's gotta five-phase perks and a rig. Somebody somebody who's lo what are we talking about. We're talking about asian representation <hes> specifically because my my my stage name they like it comes from an episode of fresh prints like an old episode of the france and it because i felt like the fresh prince which is a big influence on me growing up like i felt like i kind of raised me so there was an episode specifically where carlton like like he his his tuxedo shrunk so he needed a last-minute talks to go to prom so we had to get like this really tacky baby blue like with the free with the lapel shit you know what i'm saying.

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