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Prospect of paying nearly two thousand four hundred pounds for themselves and each family member if they wanted to seek indefinite leave to remain the defense secretary gavin williamson had been lobbying on their behalf saying britain had a duty to them late last night the new home secretary suchy javid accepted that argument the commons speaker john berko is standing firm after fresh accusations of bullying were made against him david leakey who retired as black rod last year has told the bbc's newsnight programme the mr berko created a climate of intimidation he said people have been fearful of taking any issues to the speaker because of his conduct mr becca joined the discussion and took exception complete exception to what was being proposed and discussed and the red mist descended and he banged the table and yelled and was highly insulting to me personally including calling me an anti semite for which he apologized afterwards a spokesman for john burke as office rejected the allegations and has previously denied claims he bullied his private secretary volkswagens former chief executive martin winterkorn has been charged in the united states in connection with a diesel emissions scandal prosecutors they claim he knew that his company's vehicles which heating emissions tests mr vinnicombe resigned from vw shortly after the scandal emerged in two thousand fifteen from new york jaramillo reports seventy year old not inventor corn was in charge of the world's largest carmaker during a period at fitted millions of vehicles with software to cheat in emission tests he's always maintained that he reported the illegal activity to authorities soon after becoming aware of it but in an unprecedented case against an overseas business leader a federal grand jury in michigan charged mr vinci corn with making false representations to regulators and the public mr vinci corn is already in legal trouble in stuttgart where he w investors claim he sat on information about the scandal for more than a year twitter has urged all of its users to change their passwords after a computer error meant that some passwords had been visible on an internal system the company insisted there was no indication that personal details have been stolen or misused thank you coming up to six minutes paul six and it's time to head to the bbc weather center fillet freeze that morning till nick very good morning to let south today's forecast with all of england and wasim was press it very roughly sort.

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