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Wwl w dot com and from our friend Bob Kendrick hurt, us talking about this was a guy. That called earlier who said that. He had never used motor code but his dad has been badgering. Them about it and I've used this stuff for years and it's great and. You should use it to sun so he's one himself a code I. Think and we'll finally by the be. Able to buy his own motor coat use it for the first, time and he's gonna, find out that dance pretty smart as. Is the case as in most cases you find out the older you get the. Smarter dad seems to get in this is the case with Bob he said that As a teenager I didn't, think my dad knew anything boy isn't that typical. Yes you got all, the answers dad is a dope he don't know nothing but, then he says Bob says when he. Came home from the army at. Age twenty two He, put his, head on his dad's shoulder and told him dad I'm sorry You weren't the d I thought, you were That the, case man like I say dad get, smarter the, older you get as a. Teenager you know you're, just feeling your, oats you're feeling your independence you know it all you got, all the answers and daddy don't know crap. And you find out as. You grow, up the dad's pretty damn smart. Sixteen, past we'll get with your phone calls next. We get the brain dead Chevy day guy eskimo moms checked. In animal holy moly animals not on vacation Wow He's always posting photos of him and Gizmo on vacation somewhere got room for. You got..

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