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Continues to D.C. two 95, and that is between Pennsylvania avenue, eastern avenue, single lane should be getting by both ways, Mary de pampa WTO traffic. Let's get a look at the 7 news first alert forecast with Eileen whalen. Another quiet weather day with temperatures this afternoon topping out in the mid two upper 70s for daytime highs so a smidge lower than daytime highs yesterday just 'cause we'll have a little bit more in the way of cloud cover, but no rain today with a little bit of an easterly breeze. Tonight we dip down into the low to mid 50s with partly cloudy skies tomorrow, another warm day as we get up to about 81, we will see cooler weather move in Thursday and Friday with highs in the low 70s, heading into the holiday weekend, Saturday, low 70s. We start warming up Sunday into the mid to upper 70s, low 80s for Memorial Day Monday, we'll have a good bit of cloud cover increasing humidity and a slight chance for rain. I'm 7 news meteorologist Eileen whalen, and the first alert weather center. 65° right now in Germantown, 67 in annandale, 67, also a northwest Washington, partly sunny skies right now. The forecast brought to you by nervous diamond importers. Think diamonds. Think nervous. Nobody pays retail anymore. Why should you? Visit mirvis diamond dot com. Up ahead on WTO, the latest update on the war in Ukraine, ten 51. There's always something happening. Changing weather, backups on the beltway. Rising prices for everything. And because news never stops, we never stop. 24/7, WTO brings you breaking news from the Washington region. Torrential flooding has brought area roadways to a standstill. And we stay with the story as it develops. New information on the cause of that massive apartment fire. Washington's top news, 24 hours a day, only from WTO

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