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Four and a special broadcast of suspense starring Agnes Moorehead in sorry wrong number but first on a lighter note hits the Jack Benny program with Jack Benny merry living stone Phil Harris Dennis day any Anderson as Rochester and special guest star legal grocers manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers the Jack Benny program revolutionized American comedy replacing the over use one liners of vaudeville with modern situation comedy and sophisticated humor who out of strong characterization Dennis day Eddie Rochester Anderson Mel blank and Frank Nelson all started with Jack on radio in the nineteen thirties and continued to appear on his television series and specials well into the nineteen seventy on today's program will turn back the clock to November of nineteen forty one with the football game Jack visits with Brooklyn Dodgers manager Leo grocers and Dennis day same scaring me back to the lone prairie from November of nineteen forty one it's the football game the Jack Benny program on yesterday but not all program brought to you by Joe.

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