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Radio so you know when you hear song on the radio or on your phone or actually just more like you're out and about somewhere and you're kinda hit with dejavu because you realize this song you're listening to the may be like your kids are showing you or something like that sounds like almost entirely like another piece of music that you've heard before maybe the melody sounds familiar maybe there's a a rhythm or change that sounds familiar with his one pretty big case of this that's making headlines this week it involves three songs each from a different decade and a potential lawsuit you might have heard a bit about this on cuba earlier this week just bring you up to speed the songs i'm talking about our from linux del rey radiohead and the third is this tune from the 70s by holly's there are lawyers involved in depending on who you ask there's a lawsuit in the works to we have our own judge and jury we have our we have our own matlock and what's another tv lawyer the guy from law and order santa what many and waterston ray here the queue this means mannal they'll deliver their own verdict on this case and fill un on the new song for bruno mars in cardi be the seems to be absolutely everywhere this week with me in the studio as always has rain doris host of radio to morning and our daria williams the host of after dark on cbc radio to high guys high alert so there's been plenty of twists and turns plenty of them with wilander del rey radiohead story this week rain at tells what happened okay on sunday landed ellerey made this post and she said that radiohead was asking for one hundred percent of the publishing for her song get free she said that she offered up to forty the only accept a hundred there lorries have been relentless they're going to deal with it in court to head of the hallways get involved in this well that's coming up in a second we made we made a little clip i want to play next i'll share that involves the hall okay well then basically this is kind of interesting because radiohead was actually accused of of stealing creep back in seven loved not back in the '70s from a song that israelis back in a.

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