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I and in that article crucially mcclatchy spoke with the guy who had just left his post as the deputy assistant secretary of defense for russia at the pentagon so he's the senior pentagon official responsible for russia during the russian attack on our election and he told mcclatchy in july quote there appears to have been significant cooperation between russia's propaganda machine and individuals in the united states who were knowledgeable about where to target the disinformation so mcclatchy comes up with that in july specifically citing investigators interest in how the kremlin was able to target millions of voters facebook accounts not just down to swing states but even now to keep precincts very very pointed accusation that right and that elicits once again a spate of denials from facebook facebook page days after this mcclatchy peace ram they told wired dot com that they had found no evidence of russian entities buying ads during the election then days letter was cnn reporting that top democrats on the russia investigations and senator mark warner particular and senate intel they were convinced that facebook holds the answers that investigators are looking for on the question of potential collusion between the trump campaign and russia in in describes senator warner as convinced that facebook can explain whether anyone from the trump campaign helped russians boost fake news articles on facebook targeting democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton after that comes out the trump campaign itself says no no no that definitely didn't happen the head of data operations who worked with jared kushner on the campaign comes out and says he was unaware of any russian activity during the election at all.

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