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The west of the city on route 90 spotted Hammond Street. A three car crash has that solid for more than a half mile, and we have something north of the city of problem on Route one now to get the latest on that. Go overhead to the WBC news radio traffic copter that looks like this could be here for a while. We have low hanging wires overruled one. This is just north of the Lynnfield Tunnel south of Lake Street activity. So the two left lanes air taking on both the door bound and south outside everyone where the wires are, at their lowest point that they're working on one of the utility falls here, So if you're south on everyone, this has got the biggest impact. It's almost back to the 95 on rampant Danvers. And if normally you know this area and you use Lake Street to sneak around, back up, sometimes Well, did you get your wrap part of the backup, But not around the problem entirely. You're still gonna have to deal with that. Get all the way over to the right to get by Kristin after the WBC news radio traffic copter south of the city, a crash involving a car in a deer on 24 south after root wine Oh, six north bound 24 thick getting by Harrison Boulevard than for the final two miles approaching lower end of 93. 95 North bound cramps, getting to 93 as well. 20 minute ride North bound on the expressway delays on the way to the Cape on Route 25 East on the brakes approaching construction on the born bridge. David Straka Lino WBZ traffic on the three. The problem with this type of weather is you run out of superlatives to describe it. Let's find out if there are any left. It's the four day WBZ AC you weather forecast now and meteorologist.

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