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Storage. I you know I can get emotional but you already but can and I think that's the beauty of this <hes> I could have picked and we'll go to our last song shortly but I you know I I could have picked like I almost picked Sam Cooke to change is GonNa come because that's one of my favorite songs and and I had other songs that I could have picked that I just adored and I of course to make it a little different. I wanted to share as I said. This is my musical autobiography biography based on songs that kind of tell about myself. I I love what you're done with it. That's all right so your final song so Mo- funny not the final song ever absolutely in a couple of years. We'll do a follow up. Okay so <hes> well I guess before before I say the the final not and I referred to this area about you know and you also said it just we've got we've got access to so much music these days but one of the things that noise May and I have to say a tends to be males and it tends to be males of all sorts of vintage I am you use the phrase beverage before they'll typically have a beverage in the hand and they will lend tell you that there's actually being no decent music made since one thousand nine hundred to really annoys me because I actually passionately believed that the as but chick mortgage museum ran now than ever you know I can tell you the rubber plants spend the night. Some people will say this Harris played for better than the two times I still Zeppelin so that that is an annoyance for me and what I wanted to do in sort the last choice and again that was looked options you mentioned Jason is bell before and now I think he's one of the greatest songwriters to come at the last few his stunning is Nashville this past album just amazing <hes> so who am vampires almost made my list but the song of chosen he's he's actually read is by war on drugs. <hes> on the reason is that it's for me to Song An. It's a band who they have already distinctive sound. I think it absolutely sands now but there's also in a good way. There's an awful lot less fifty years of music in there <hes> so if they felt like <hes> felt like a good good way of to use a springsteen it felt summation in felt like it pulled things together and is a piece of software called Rune to manage Oh my music play stuff and they have an I loved this quite which was summoning summoning summoning up the patron saints of F._M.. Radio rock the band is an update to the wild eyed sermons of Dylan springsteen and the summit abandoned. Tom Petty perfected all filtered through wolves of India tall noise an egg depravity all of their own. I just think Aspirin Ryan so I think a bit like were drugs music. You know flowery flamboyant a bit pretentious the big ambitious ambitious creative music. I'm always going to be for that say war on drugs all right here we go mm-hmm here. uh-huh <music> all right that is awesome so the question is is he going to go through a whole list without picking springsteen song and the answer is no okay now this one I cheated a little bit technically land of hoping dreams was released in the late nineties during the tour the reunion tour however it's official release was on wrecking ball. It was indeed which was twenty you know which was in the twenty twelve I have said very many times that my favorite Bruce springsteen songs <hes> are better days and land of open dreams and then the third one changes every day and I gave a lot of thought to nineties being <hes> better days but <hes> there's just something about the song it makes my heart sore. Every time I start hearing that sound there are things that go on with your life and by the way I played this on that trip back to college with Chris Jackson <hes> I will provide for you and I'll stand by your side. You'll need a good companion for this part of the ride. Leave behind your sorrows. Let This Day be the last tomorrow they'll be sunshine and all the starkness passed. I just think that today in every day you know the idea of let's shoot for a better future. Let's put aside the our past than our sorrows <hes> so I had to end with that one because Levin mercy one land of Hope Dreams if I had a manifesto Ooh what I wanted my life to be that trilogy would at least be what I'm trying to shoot for the yeah yeah <music> all right there we go to old guys schering their life and you know fourteen songs <hes> I did not make any plans but I thought ask you is there. I did you have any close that you thought about that. You hated hated to not pick. Oh I mean the agonizing over <hes> over the song selection as being as being awful but I think that's that's that's part of the process and if I look at how many revisions divisions of gun since I kick myself but I now know 'cause we committed say tape but whatever whatever digital media <hes> and I feel if you take aways in the ninety s that was a late edition <hes> and I feel really good about that because I think it really does. Some you know that decade for me <hes> I actually had one of the guys that came in a couple of weeks this guy he chose Romblon as sixty some by Zeppelin and I look human oh city boy. It's obviously the seventies and then went checked realized he was right so I had to change that selection but now I I mean my my my comment would be this is I am not gonNA pretend that this was in my head when came up with the format but you've just proven in this in this hour. It's a great way to have a dialogue with people and to find things and I mean the one story I would like to finish with a friend of Mine Chris <hes> he was actually the last person to come round and do this and is eighties. Choice was the pixies and we started talking about. How did you find music and he grew up in Minnesota? He grew up in a fall aw he was in the middle of nowhere. He didn't have access to music in the only two things he had would. He could get a subscription to rolling stone magazine on his died. As my dad did had a subscription to the Columbia record club and what Chris used used to do is a fifteen year old was look at the college gigs and charts and if any of the names in there were available on Columbia he persuaded that to buy him the out never having heard and by the way he then says that that's how I found the pixies R._E._M.. The Smiths and <hes> and I just thought that was brilliant story about sort of music and what people do and and nice to find that but people because you know. I didn't really know about his background MINNESOTA. It's not Sunday. We talked about it work. It's after so yeah I <hes> hope. Hopefully we can take this forward. It's a good way for the people to let them. I totally agree Terry. You know <hes> desert island discs is a similar format <hes> in <hes> and I find that interesting because it is <hes> you know not only the Bruce episode but Tom Hanks and other people. I've heard them talk and it really does give you a chance to kind of share their life. <hes> and I love the idea of the decade. <hes> you know in originally when I started doing this like i Mac the knife was always going to make the cut nineteen fifty-nine there was a limited amount of songs but I had you know the Cheryl's will lovely tomorrow. Johnny Cash Ring Afire <hes> Al Green. Let's stay together. You know just songs I love that I never get tired of and the more I thought about. I went no I. I want this to say something about me in it isn't it isn't the right way to do it. It's just the way I chose to do it so this is where we go to our listeners. Did you guys like this. <hes> let us know because we I think this would be fun and change of pace episode <hes> different way to kind of share your background also an idea to share other music <hes> so you can reach out to us at set lessing bruce <hes> i. I am on twitter at Jesse Jackson D._F._W.. The show is at settlers thing bruce on twitter terry if they WANNA reach you yeah <hes> I'm Chitra Terry scrabble on my email is Teri S._m._i.. My <hes> at hotmail good so let us know what you think. <hes> I did want to share the wonderful comment that complement you got from one of our best listeners a very dedicated <hes> she. She said that you're Mary question was the best answer ever thought made my day. I have to say I I agree. I I thought that was just so perfect that they wanted to do that and she took the time to share some yeah. It was just so lovely <hes> any final thoughts that I've just thoroughly enjoyed it and the eye. Let's see what the feedback is but we can do more because it's great absolutely and <hes> yeah. We just need to volunteer to do this. We're we're ready but for now. Thank you guys so much. We appreciate it. <HES> <HES> and we hope you're decades are filled with wonderful music. Talk to you soon uh-huh..

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