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With what they call a single ventricle. He had one chamber of his heart and he lived his life like that and he was doing really well Lived a fairly standard quality of life for the most part had some restrictions and then about a little over a month ago. My wife and i just noticed he was. He wasn't himself. He was getting really bogged down. We thought maybe he was just tired. After a few days we took him into the hospital and within hours. He was admitted into the icu in a heart failure and they said his heart was no longer able to keep up. It was failing and there was no reversing. It and we began at that day. We began the process of getting him listed for to be heart transplant recipient so he was eight years old. Still eight years old And we started that process. He was listed and we didn't know how long that process was gonna take we were we. Were in the icu. For the entire duration of waiting for the heart A big reason. We share those videos and fortunate to be able to talk about it on a platform. This is because there's so many people out there who had these stories right and they're sitting in their hospital room in there by themselves alone and they they feel like they're the only one in the world doing this and we just wanna shine a little light that like you don't only have to share your great moments right like you don't only have to share when you're throwing a cool tight anything with george kittle and you're having a blast talking shit with you guys like all of us have lives that at times suck right like it happens and this was one of them so we hunker down not knowing not knowing how long the process would be by the grace of god and him being in certain criteria of size and blood type and antibody rejections in liber failed like all these billion factors that go into this algorithm of qualifying you. We were notified That he would that he would be after about a little over about ten days. We were notified that there was a hard match and on june fourth dj underwent open heart surgery and he came home on wednesday. He's been home. He's been home now for the weekend. And i we could. We could have a two hour talk on just what that process entails but it's It's remarkable what what he's been through. And what these doctors can do. I mean they literally cut his chest open. They took his heart out and they flew in on a private jet another heart in a cooler literally on a cool in a cooler of ice reconnected and started back up. that's unreal. i mean it's wild. Yeah and it's You know anyone who's got kids. Like i said i will try to watch the video and i think you don't really understand it until you have a kid of your own. You're like you know you do anything literally anything and like to go through that. Fuck man it was. I'm just so happy. He's good what's like is he gonna live a somewhat normal life now with with his heart. They say his his immediate life right now once he recovers. It's about a year process until he's about like done reason like serious immunosuppressants and the body doesn't reject the heart so that there's no like going out and about it's almost like he has to live in kovin year. Which is kind of weird that we actually know what that you know how to live with him for the time being but it's about a year process until he can like venture back out into school settings in big groups in act reallocate himself. Acclimate himself back. Out into life but You know that the one downside to getting a heart transplant at such a young age. Typically why they try to prolong having to get it as the hearts don't last forever right now. Arts lasts like give or take twenty years so when you're it takes the twenty eight as the medicine stands today You know and you got to do it again. So that's where things get a little dicey but every year their ability to push off rejection. Keep your body you know you know in coordination with your heart and keeping things working gets better and better and better so we try not to think of that. We have to do this again in twenty years. We hope that it's fifty years there. Whatever it is and we just thankful for every day that he's hold like the little just he's very adam and we're gonna love that we have them and you know the hardest. I'll tell you. I'll be honest with you guys. The hardest part. The hardest part rationalize is like the mix the dual motions of getting the call. That your son's likes going to be saved because without this hard was not going to be able to live. He's you know he was on medicine. That was the only reason his heart pumped hooked up. You'd wear like a backpack and it was all around the clock and that was what would let his heart failing his failing heart work right but the reality is right now in our stage of medicine someone else has to have a tragedy to allow them to be able to donate a heart and it's not just someone dies. They have to die like in certain ways to make their organs ability to be donated. And it's just a really really hard hard right. You know at the moment you're having a of relief that your day has year at that very moment in time someone else somewhere in the country is having their worst day at so so hard but it also is a good reminder that if you're not an organ donor you should. You should be an organ donor. Everyone out there like it's really really important thing thing and it's not there used to be a time whenever like well. They're going to harvest organs. No that's not how it works if something tragically happen to you. You could save someone else's life and that's like you got a story like this with tj. It's the best man real and how about this that we don't know anything about organ donor. They're not allowed to share any personal information. We don't know the age the gender location but they donated seven organs. Seven families you start talking is or liver and pancreas and kidneys and heart and lungs. Seven lives so six other families like us have their hypothetically. Hopefully everything went. Well have their son daughter husband whatever because of one person it's a it's a super easy. Step that everyone can take just when you're at the dmv you just check a box and that's all that it takes. You can be a world of difference like you said for seven different families. That's incredible how. How is he doing like mentally our spirits up. I imagine that for an eight year old. This has got to be. You know an extremely scary thing. Scary doesn't even really begin to describe it. But how has he handled this our spirits. Good spirits are awesome. I wish i could show you guys like my wife sent me a picture. I take my other. So i brought him home from the hospital. Wednesday after being there for a month brought him home wednesday and thursday.

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