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The P that needs, but then you know less than a month ago in late September, the government ability office released a report in which they said. No, that's not you know there are still widespread shortages. Nurses are still reusing masks. There isn't enough of what we need. So you know, and then seeing all of these shipments from overseas reinforces this chain, which is we are super dependent on overseas manufacturing and when it works, it works and it provides a cheaper alternative to us made goods. But when it doesn't work people die and there really are consequences to not being able to have what we need when we need it. Yeah I mean, of course, there's also the issue of the counterfeit TV that you that you all found as well and I know you actually add some of it tested, and that's we see that in our documentary. So take me to that moment and what made you guys actually think that you should get those masks tested and what were the results of course We had seen on the data that no and ninety five masks we're getting shipped to the United States day after day after week. What we're seeing here is like pretty consistent twenty-five shipments, twenty two shipments, twenty-three shipments, and then just wash. Drops to three shipments. And all of March. Could lead, drop off. And then we heard that there was going to be an airplane load full of them Florida and. We're able to watch video of that load Arrive Watch them on boxed them. This is the first shipment that we've got in from China. In the past two months. These are the n ninety five masks that are in such high demand right now and then. You. Were like those masks have ear loose looks like he's inspecting them right? Though those are ear loops not ahead strip. I don't think they're supposed to have an new. No, they're definitely not. And they're labeled ninety. And we're looking back and forth at the CDC's counterfeit page and. We were like. This CDC counterfeit paid very specifically says. Your loops you remember that day Julia Oh. Yeah. That was that was really wild I mean we were reviewing the footage to go with our story. We were working on a story about how a nonprofit organization that usually operates overseas was filling a need in the US because the demand was so high that was the point is the story and this footage was supposed to go with that story seems like a pretty simple story. Then we're watching it. We're like Oh my God wait wait a second we had a conversation. Our story was supposed to go in a couple of days and we saw what to us seemed like something that was really concerning, and so we had a discussion about what does it mean if we sit on this information until our story goes out and? You know God forbid someone gets a counterfeit mask and so you know we we made the choice that we we contacted the organization immediately and had a conversation with them about what we saw. and Luckily, that shipment never got sent out but you know a lot of other a lot of other shipments inevitably did make it to the front lines. I mean one of the interesting things watching that and hearing about it as it was unfolding as is you guys are just paying attention, right? Mean could. So easily we will not be paying attention to something like that, and the counterfeit P. could make it into in our country pretty easily. Let's be clear. We we just kind of scratched the surface and saw them what we found in the passing weeks is that they have seen flooding the US market, and so by the time we gathered a whole variety together put them in a box of symptom to University of North Carolina for testing all of these products that arrived even though they're labeled clearly in ninety five and they show what a lady in the pictures wearing a mask with head straps and it has ear loops sets a dead giveaway that it's a counterfeit product. These were all counterfeit. That, we tested all of them. Every single one he tested were counterfeit including the masters that I ruined that had been sent to. For Me Martha I didn't know that I didn't know that part about the the mass sent for you guys. And then no kidding no amendment he told us? Okay. Yes. Even these Associated Press Masks are counts it. Then we had like go back to our editors Well we actually that box of masks we sent, it included some of our own. So how do we handle? Sh- rate and and so what do you think now I mean is we just basically don't know the amount of counterfeit coming in or do you think things are more under control? I don't think things are more under control. I would say there's probably more counterfeit coming in now than ever the FBI and. The Department of unsecured and both have initiatives to stop it. But there was more than two thousand shipments of and ninety five from Asia into the United States in the past month that's up from twenty shipments during the same period a year ago those companies in Asia primarily China have ramped up. So fast I just can't believe they're all doing this in A. Way. Yeah I mean the spring seen in one of the biggest points in your phone, which really just turns everything on its head that you know. Of course, this has led to a big call to bring back manufacturing a. p. p. e. to the US I know that this is something Navarro spoke about a lot and is interview. In August, we met with President, Trump's trade advisor Peter Navarro Navarro was one of the earliest officials to warm president trump about the pandemic and has long expressed concerns about critical supplies like PP, being manufactured overseas. Dangerously dependent on the Chinese Communist Party for all sorts of masks equipment and we know they in terms of crisis will ford that stuff you have been talking about the potential dangers of US manufacturing moving offshore for a longtime is this type of scenario you were worried about? No this is what I was worried about on steroids this pandemic. has shown a bright light on the dangers because something like over eighty countries. During this pandemic has put some form of export restrictions on what we need as a country. To protect our public health. And, both trump and biden have been talking about this. Now on the campaign trail, we're taking a business out of China we are bringing it home or make the medical supplies that our country needs bring home. Medical actually how realistic is that? Is this even potential considering the factors so much counterfeit coming in isn't actually realistic to bring manufacturing back to the US. Not? Without significant policy changes. There is. No incentive for a hospital that needs to buy hundreds of thousands of n ninety, five masks to pay twice as much for them as they ordinarily would. Right now there's incentive but come on a couple of years from now. No. So there there would be. Huge huge changes in policy and spending and at great cost and so. Those are GonNa be tough decisions yeah. Yeah I mean it's it's you kind of wonder. Obviously, you know going back to your the beginning of your reporting and research. When you look at some of the warning signs that came through with the h one n one flu scare rate, which is two, thousand nine. Does. Now, at the start of the two thousand and nine.

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