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And today's episode. I have. I want to call it like a food. Experts a cook and author all the things. Abby turner is here abby. Welcome to the show. He's so much i'm set side. I'm so glad that you're here. And you guys may know her. Instagram accounts tabletop affair. Because i love everything about what you do your messaging your heart or some kind of tell everyone who's not familiar with you. Just what you love. So i am kind of really in love with the table. I think that there is a lot of great community connection. That comes when you just approach. The table and food is just that natural conduit. They kind of gets us there. And so i started a blog and started an instagram. Where it's all things easy thirty minutes or less like really inexpensive because at the end of the day. It's not about perfection. It's not about presentation. It is about the people we can get there then. Hey i'll help you. I think it's so good. I know we like know your parents have like phrases that you kind of make fun of them for and you're my dad's is always like break bread with people. Yeah break bread with you. Sit down and you have a meal with someone. There is a level of connection and intimacy. That is bigger than if you were just like texting or something. Didn't you know writing it. Slows down illeg gets us in that mindset of let's talk. Let's break the bread yet. Let's actually have community talking about right so but it's intimidating so i think some people hold back like invite people over because they feel like they're not a good cook or the table is not great and beautiful but you like lower all those boundaries. And you're break those walls down brian. It doesn't have to be full. Instagram and pinterest and everything out. There has told us that it has to be perfect. Have to be you know this. Perfect chefs food network star. Name it. and you don't have to be. You just need to be at the table and is better than to be at the table with great food. I know that's right okay. So one of the things that she do she has different tables. The male have themes which i love so he picked them for the show today. And i picked this one selfishly popcorn and i have kids. So this is this is the table that connects so kind of. Walk me through that. So the table that connects in the living. Table the cookbook..

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