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And all they do is they buy the most explains expensive clubs, get a couple lessons and then boom. Ex football player is a great call for all those terrible, But would you tell Merc and equipped polluting my phone with Text. It's a break Merkin Kramer looking saluting his phone with texts that say, Well, we got to get his po do you have for the penance? Come on, cap. I have a pennant world. Siri's his old school. It's Yankees Dodgers. I'm gonna give you the athletics and the Dodgers. Wow, the athletics. Come on Matt Olsen that chat. The mats are great. There's no doubt about it. Matt Chapman's gotta be the most on for a long time. It was Paul Goldschmidt. Mad. Chapman has got to be the most underappreciated like no name. Superstar. Live victim is my L M V P. Good call. I mean, guys. They're the one team that the empty stadiums. I don't think that's a matter. That's how that's how they play. Usually in Oklahoma are white socks, either if they're good. I'll be just fine, baby. Here's my picks real quick. You guys can go that Chapman l M v P. Gerrit Cole Ale, Cy Young Louise Robert Rookie of the Year in the rent to Rhea, the manager here and get that Ronald, the Junior Junior. The Nlm V. Pay my cap. Good water. Walker Buehler and L sigh Young NL Rookie of the Year, Gavin long for the Dodgers all the way. NL manager of the year David Bell Yankees beat Dodgers White Socks Go 34 26 Cubs 33 27 Locks is they did option him out, though, so, but he'll be back and I've got the White Sox 33 27 Cubs 30 and 30. I think they're going to both be right around there. Right around 31. 32 wins. We have the same M V p. Pick, cap. Let's go get it done. All right. I'll get out of your way to see you working at the blow Rotator cap just tomorrow. Just trying avoid overnight. Anything that will trigger you about Robiskie. Okay? I don't want what happened earlier today to happen again tomorrow. I'm just going to let it play out. Chris. Just better hope your better. Yeah, I better hope you know who they're hoped. Robiskie. He better hope he plays better. You guys better hope he doesn't just ball out his eye Wolf. That's fine, Great cell and well for me. I want to go to the podium at the end of the year. They go mix your thoughts on going to the Super Bowl and having this amazing year and I would really like him to be at the point. You know what Chicago media Go F yourself. That's Celia's Have a great day. Goodbye, Cap. Carmen in York Carbon Yurko Show with Chris blacking for York is next to see it. Listeningto Carmen in your ESPN 1000 Chicago's.

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