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Okay and physically he's up to it. There's no reason to make a change and put sue Bannon. So you don't think there's a fear that they might wear them out by the time we get into the last part of the season. Flirty does a great job of keeping himself in shape. And as long as he's physically up to it. He's gonna wanna play the bulk of the game. So. I mean. From time to time. But he's gonna play the bulk of it. I do you see this thing going some people were worried that they weren't gonna make the playoffs because they weren't there and thanksgiving, it seems crazy to me. Well, what people go through stats? They see that. Eighty percent of the teams made the playoffs if they're playoff position on Thanksgiving Day. There's always exceptions to everything. Whole all year and it stock. David, justin. Cody. Great job on the second line, Tucker, certainly evolved into a really big time playing for this team. And you're having Schmidt back is really helped everything settled down. So I think a lot of it will depend on health. Also, depend on guys like Riley Smith. And starting to score they need to get out of him. And then also. Lime weather snow sick. Whether it's Ryan carpenter if Daniel Carver beans up with the team, whoever. They've got to get more scoring. Three or four guys the offense carrying the load. So that's how far you get up in the standings and try to try to lock into a playoff spot. I mean, it's doable. But they also have a lot of work to do. Jesmyn patch reading I mean, this is not unusual ESI Eric Carlson's having some of the same issues up in San Jose. You know, he has he's learning about five best players in the game. Doc. So it does take a period of adjustment at every player. Whether you're a star like Carlson for really good player. Like patra ready? You have to make adjustments your game. Teammates, both on and off the ice. Rush. Well, last season was incredible. In the book. You wrote is just a fantastic. You'll be wanna put it down for this isn't just oh for the extreme hockey fan. But you don't have to know hockey, read the hawkiness for twenty years tunder stand. What you're writing though. Yeah. You know, I tried to write this book remarkable story. The Golden Knights for four different sets the fans, I think I told you I was on with you. It is for the GoldenEye fan hockey fan. It's a great sport stories. I've just a sports fan. Really cool story. You want to read this book heavy lifting lost face. Like swertz? But if you remember what happened on October first twenty seventeen we own a great tips about how the shootings impacted the community and how the night's help the city he'll. And I think that's a very important part of the book. And definitely a is the kind of book that it's easy to float away. I'm not saying that because I wrote it, but I did. That fashion so easy for people to follow.

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