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Next question from the shutdown folk as read at liking hook subscriber whatever you do to these okay i have one from from you have one yeah yeah yeah okay got loaded up ahead all right this is from cockatiel boom what's the dumbest redneck thing you've ever done i'm directing this at godfrey to start oh oh right on the spot definitely discharging firearms in city limits i was well okay so before nine eleven you could be charged with terrorism i was not arrested for one of my friends was arrested for terrorism but it needs something it's something different before nine eleven right it was a few times thank you jason who really knows what i'm talking about and we'll back me up i got you i got the individual was i had assisted in the operation but was not on the roof this is after we fired a thirty eight at a like a it's not a not a full stop light with three colors but just the one that just has the intersection okay then there's an individual on a roof and i can't even remember what the recipe used to be you would take like i think it was drained tin foil you couldn't a two liter bottle and i think there was some wasn't it there's some there's something else where you can shake it up what do you make an april no we were just no created explosion never mind this is holly nice saying though too much go ahead.

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