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We're a cat. Past podcast such podcast. I was gonna jump in on, you know. I I wasn't no. Tease me. Welcome to tights invites the show that discusses wrestling with this insanity and Larry deserves I'm wig hair don't care Danielle Radford. Thank you Julianne. My wig is looking extra good because I just had it professionally styled it. I think I want shorthair again, I'm joined today by my fellow member of the nation of conversation. The great British breaking show. Oh, that is somebody you find his what Jillian you're right to be pleased with that guy like work. We've got a lot of W E news. We're going to get into but first Lindsey. So you've been keeping an eye on the rumors of bullet club and Chris Jericho starting their own wrestling promotion, please tell us what you've heard about all elite wrestling. Yes, I am a gossipy spinach drama, so allegedly. It's all allegedly as we all know, there's been all these rumors for so long that Jay ause in Jarrett has involved at FOX, Cody Kenny, everyone selling their own promotion, those been actual developments trademarks have been filed, and they have been filed full all elite wrestling, they have been filed little all into all out and has been filed for another event double nothing. So it looks as though something is legit occurring. But what isn't happening is the Chris Jericho jaw involvement because the trademarks have been filed to an address that links back to the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars. So they have a hand in this financially or. At least some kind of backing out. The investment is going to be coming from which I want them one hundred percent excise about because this then leads to a good place Jacksonville Jaguars laying connection. And if we don't get Bortles all into I understand, I know starter for the Jaguars anymore. So he has to say, I know nothing about American football. But I do know because it's constantly comes up. Trending. You Bortles on. On Twitter, you might as well send up molotov cocktails frozen. Young because my interest is not in the jagged as the place. But the idea of Portugal's appearing all into thrills me beyond reason. So yeah, I would just like keeping a really close I understand all those guys new Japan deals all coming up too. So that will be interesting. It does feel like a natural. Evolution of what they've already been doing. Yeah. Like going from really being the bucks, especially obviously being these trailblazers on like, no, you can make this work on your own and the Indies if you so please like at least mainstream folks know who you are even if they don't necessarily watch what you yet. They it's not topic. No, you are. They saw your t-shirts on the edge and Christian show..

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