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This campaign twenty twenty on KYW newsradio the former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is said to be seriously considering entering the race for the democratic presidential nomination the billionaire who initially ruled out of twenty twenty run says he's not made a final decision but he is taking steps toward running including filing to get on the ballot for Alabama's presidential primary Alabama has an early filing deadline it is one of the states the votes on super Tuesday the former mayor has long flirted with a presidential run but is never launched a campaign Bloomberg earlier considered a twenty twenty run but he passed in part because of Joe Biden's expected strength in the field the fact that he appears to be reconsidering could be signaling his dissatisfaction with the current field of democratic candidates hoping to take on president trump Linda Kenya Washington we're learning about the testimony of a state department official in the house impeachment inquiry as more transcripts were released today George candid Deputy Assistant secretary of state who oversees Ukraine testified on Capitol Hill last month before the house intelligence foreign affairs an oversight committees he did so under congressional subpoena and against administration wishes can't testify that he was one of many state department officials who expressed concerns about the trump administration's efforts to request a corruption investigation from Ukraine in exchange for military aid and also the ouster of then ambassador Marie you'll on average bill rate cop CBS news Capitol Hill reading terminal market gets into the holiday spirit this weekend as KO W. set off business reports the first annual reading terminal market holiday showcase take place at the market Friday and Saturday whether it's rob product like a Turkey for thanksgiving that you would want to cook yourself or cooked Turkey that comes with all the sides desserts gifts at marketing manager is there a limit on it really covers all of the holidays basically between thanksgiving and new year's tell.

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