President Biden, President Trump, Seattle discussed on Seattle's Morning News with Dave Ross


This morning. We will dry out for Tuesday and Wednesday, Then the big question is later this week is more snow on the way. Cairo seven TV meteorologists Nick Allard Not ready to say you're a model run from the European model. Last night was one of the trickier one showing quite a bit of snow. I mean quite a bit and then one came out this morning, and it showed far less known, so it's just too early to go beyond that. President Biden has told CBS News in an interview just ahead of the Super Bowl that the CDC is looking into recommending reopening schools. More from CBS is Nancy Corden. President Biden told Norah O'Donnell, that federal guidance for a return to school is coming this week. Our CDC commissioner, We just name there's going to be coming out. With science based judgment within, I think as early as next Wednesday as the land what the minimum requirements are. The president also laid out some of his red lines in the next cove. It relief bill. You said, you're not compromising on the $1400 checks. No On a less optimistic note, though President Biden says reaching herd immunity before the end of summer is unlikely. Former President Trump's second impeachment trial starts tomorrow this time over his role in the deadly insurrection by his supporters last month at the Capitol. A conviction is still unlikely, given his continued support from some Republicans in the Senate. Seattle did it now. Burian City leaders will hold a special meeting today on a plan to give grocery store workers hazard pay. It would give $5 an hour and hazard pay two grocery workers at large stores. Seattle's ordinance was $4 an hour. The meeting today in Burian will allow the City Council to amend or even rescind the ordinance before it said to it that take effect on Wednesday. Seattle is being sued by large grocery worker unions over its hazard. Pay ordinance a 33 now Cairo radio real.

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