Barbara Bush, Comey, Hillary Clinton discussed on The Mark Levin Show


Disgusting not that he got it but they call me dozen is running around with his book deal oh what happens oh my goodness i sorry to have to announce this but former first lady barbara bush has passed away former first lady barbara bush has passed away she was ninety two years old so she's been in public life in the public i should say so long it's hard to believe isn't it and she stood by her man decade after decade after decade through wins and losses and wins and say what you will let's say hell of a family to presidents one of whom was governor a governor it's quite a family some sad report to you that barbara bush has passed away and we'll say prayer for her and for her family barbara bush has passed away she's ninety two years was ninety two years old you know one of the things i really liked about her with agree with every position she held or not she was not afraid to speak her mind you know she was a woman's woman you know not not these leftist today she spoke her mind she reminds a reminded me very much of my grandmother my mother's mother who passed away some time ago but they weren't part of this sort of new movement and so forth they just were who they were but anyway for that and so we our deepest sympathies go out to the bush family to president bush forty one and barbara bush has passed away but i will go to a caller j jefferson north carolina xm satellite go right ahead jay more power really upset under comey's handling of the investigation of the hillary clinton classified information attorney david kendall head they some drives along with chief a some drive locked up in his office and i'm just wondering why nobody is trying to attack that that you know so we we can hillary's attorney cheap classified skiffs related documents on a thumb drive up in his office by her karna here they're gonna try and go after to trump's attorney torstar alleged that happened back in.

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