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Leading the scene seem question different angles sir do you at least know you're beginning middle and and if you don't committed to paper sure you start who have a cent you can't i mean like yes kosovo nautile alert advocating not knowing anything implicating so as some people another end and they reverse engineer their screenplay to get get at a point so is that is that a trick that you do or chile you knew that liu i mean i think out i i i don't completely discover my movie in in writing it for it would be some kind of act of of uh uh stream of consciousness but i know where i'm going or what this we knew logan was going to die in this movie i knew i wanted it like i had in my head what i could describe to you which is that i wanted to make a movie in which logan is taken care of charles exessive your charles has a decline of dementia that may has made him dangerous they're living on the hinterlands of the world he he's he's i thought i had this idea that he's an uber driver and and you get this kind of collection of humanity flowing through this limo that he drives and to me there was kind of the sexy idea that what they end up taking off in was a limo and kind of racing across the country in this damaged limo which is kind of probably some tribute to eastwood's the gauntlet in the boss but the bottom freely that's funding yeah so but the but but he was like that so then i'd sit down and i started writing a kind of taxidriver opening of logan driving limo and i'd have those pages and i put them aside and then i wrote a seen the pretty much the one that's in the movie between charles and and logan in the tank the very first seen which kind of which in a weird way is outlining because you through the dialogue on the scene between them i'm figuring out what's happened before what's happening now what their situation is and then i start building off what i have and sometimes all right like i need a scene here where blah but i don't ever do the kind of hand me a page version of the whole movie i i can't do it great a when you say.

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