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Great tavern, really inappropriate behavior last night by Mark Stevens, and owner of the warriors, push Kyle Lowry who went into the stands for all the fans saying it's no big deal. The warriors band in for the rest of the finals, Joe Lakers, owner said she got home last night. This has just been reported. She was getting hate mail and. Oh, that was for a different thing that wasn't I just somebody just sent me that. So it's pretty hostile right now on the internet for Mark Stevens. But I, I wanted to look back we're going to look back at some behavior and join I will watch this with you. And is it just a fan being a fan? Or if you ran a league would you ban the fan because I haven't seen all these, I remember my have him on a list, I have. I don't recall all of them. But we will watch this together radio listeners, I'll try to keep you up on this. Is this just a fan or is this worthy of a band? So let's go on this. The criminal courts aren't the only coach where Justice needs to be served. It's time to rented a final judgment on fans that got out of lie. This is fan or Ben. All right. Here we go. Russell westbrook. This was in Denver February first of last year, the fan comes on the court got shoved by Westbrook fan or band joy Taylor. Definitely ban. You cannot come out on the corner and getting a player's face. He's lucky that's all Westbrook that. Yeah, I'm with you on that. That's a ban. It doesn't matter if you touch a fan is on the court yelling in Westbrook's face. By the way, he was banned from nuggets game. So that's a ban for both of us. All right. The next one, this is Russell slapping away a phone. This was last year. I think it was a first round of the playoffs against Utah. You can see a fan there. In Westbrook's agitated. All right. Joy, fan or ban. I wouldn't ban this fan and so much as just have a conversation about not putting your phone in someone's face. I, I don't have a problem without Westbrook reacted. I, I don't know how I would react if someone was shoving of phone in my face either. I don't think it's worthy of getting bands. But I also don't have a problem with the way the Westbrook reacted. I don't love how Westbrook reacted if I run the team coach, I'd rather read, not worry about goofball fans. I don't think it's a ban, but you know what? I think this is too good warning. Get your phone out of players face. So we're both we're both fan on that. Okay. Let's go to this Drake in Nick nurse this year's playoffs. He walks up and. Does a massage thing Phanor ban fan. I didn't love it. You liked it more than I did. I didn't love it. I don't dislike it either though. I mean, I, I think that this is Drake and I think that the raptors love this, and I think he's, he's a part of he's not a part of their team and say that, but he's a part of the raptors persona. I guess, like, you know, the Drake is going to thinking is going to be. Ambassador entertaining as part of the team. I think he is very Spike Lee to me. So it doesn't bother me. All right. Let's go to the speaking of Spike Lee. Let's go Phanor ban nine hundred ninety four Eastern Conference finals fan. Reggie Miller, Spike Lee. What do you make of that? That's fan. I mean Spike Lee is a legendary basketball fan, that's a legendary moment. It's, it's obviously just fan van so funny that people got worked up over it, considering what we saw on previous videos. It's so tame. Yes, it is. All right. We agree. That's a fan, not a band. Okay. Let's go to the next one. This is Ron R test. This is fifteen years ago. Frightening Pacers pistons malice at the palace people. Start throwing stuff that was a while of fight seemed to be calming down our test lies down on the scores table..

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