Ragner, Yossi, TOM discussed on We Hate Movies - Episode 323 - Trick or Treat (1986)


That is kinda getting off on that i don't know why but it is yeah usid bikes about to go into these dudes ed and eventually ragner does he does he does the right event yossi stops the machine but if you just let the machine happen i mean this i mean tom still die sure yeah that's true might as well diet earlier more gruesomely tom actually has a great line delivery the actor of look marks his words in this take that they use and he's a big surprise triggered kids it's not over yet me it's not over yet what is this me what is mia maize transiting are we sure i mean it might be a 1980 six colloquialism yeah no if you goddamn year maybe at ribi we shouldn't say even so this is what others are very you know laws this movie because they were thrown we'll see around all sorts of things as expected an f bomb it really was yeah yeah i was like right is ready for a hold on to my couch it never came now that's actually quite surprising there's no gay slurs in this movie what with the new to bullying that happens shores kind of just right there that's what were that's why it leads closer to recommend verve so because he's now like friends with this ghost and the ghost is like in his cassette tape and wherever else he's like he's given this like boost of confidence and there's this weird shot where he's driving his car the rag mobile we call it the radio mobile these what was is what it says rag may all right there but he's like he's like speeding down the street these listen this fucking terrible music and he's like not in a long fucking loving it bit you listen to a backwards by the way and talking with this goes you see of and he's just running all of these red lights like come on ragged dan if you want that competence be knocked down a peg just keep doing that show.

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