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Rather Peavey I'm lotus I wouldn't say that this program a Jew from Hollywood this is the national broadcasting company and that's the great Gildersleeve from December twentieth nineteen forty two kill these Christmas woes starring help Perry also in the camp surely Mitchell as Leila ransom Walter Tetley oral Ross Lillian Randolph Richard Lee grant and Lorraine title sponsored by Kraft is heard on NBC and if you work for craft for a while Lisa I did some of the advertising for crap yeah we did we saw was a big advertising executive but look at me our we now and you had the Philadelphia brand cream cheese and I don't see what a good memory we called PVC see and that is D. B. C. C. Philadelphia brand cream she has and that was you do there what was the whole I have come up with all the marketing and advertising plans product I'm impressed yeah use impressive but now you've graduated to co host of a nationally syndicated actually globally syndicated radio show right now they were on American forces radio a hundred and sixty eight countries all over the globe and I'm glad that your along for the ride lease also my let's take a quick break and then when we come back it's being Crosby on the Philco radio time more Hollywood.

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