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There's three new rides masters of flight Unity's disco drop and battle of bricks Berg, I love those movies so much so funny. The great family fills to stuffer both adults and kids to enjoy. And seems like these lands are going to be just the same. And of course, Legos had a great relationship with the comic book characters as well. With the massive success of LEGO Batman. Speaking of DC, six flags famously has been their theme park partner for some time. Now are they working on new stuff with DC's? Well, yeah. So every year six legs likes to tout that they have a new attraction opening at every single one of their around the country. And if you that the parks actually will have some DC related rise opening this year. The biggest one is probably going to be a new cyborg dark, right? This is going to go to six flags New England over Massachusetts cyborg, vice guests to star labs to see new technological device. But suddenly cybernetic system called the grid accents the mainframe takes control of the lab and since you on an adventure. So this is gonna be a big DC ride for for that six likes park. And then know the little carnival type rides like at six, Texas. They'll get a joker wild card. It's going to be the tallest and fastest spinning pendulum pendulum ride in the world. So there's all the parks around the country six specifically, there's at least w-. One or two DC play things to do there that all sounds great. But I'm still so jealous of that. Abu Dhabi thing with the Gotham city in the metropolis and all that stuff. Right. I wish we could get some of that caliber, DC wise here six is is a few of the parks, a Justice league attraction, which is pretty on par with some of the great dark rise at dizzying versus does. So be a chance to check out one of those rides. That's that's definitely worth worth it for the kids. I know you mentioned to me before we started chatting that Sesame Street had some news. What's going on with them? Yes. A Sesame Street and SeaWorld have had a long standing relationship for many years now and see rolled Orlando is getting ready to open up this spring their first ever Sesame Street land. This me the very first time that anyone will be able to actually walk writes down Sesame Street. They're building the streets to scale in the park, you're gonna walk through cabbies guarding. You'll get to go by big bird's nest. Visit Mr. Hooper store, and then sit on that famous one-two-three stoop is there still sesame place there in Pennsylvania. Outside philadelphia. I grew up to be sesame place. Yes. Me places still. They're still going strong sesame places actually owned by the SeaWorld, entertainment, and parks. And I know that they've announced that they want to build a second sesame place someplace in the country. We don't know where yet, but that is in the plans how about what's going on with that Harry Potter coaster. I've heard about they are in full construction of a new Harry Potter roller coaster at highlands of insure here in Orlando Florida, and we don't really know much details. Universal likes to keep things on the secret of side until a couple months before they actually opened it up, but it will open up this summer. It's going to be a whole new story based on the Potter films. It looks like rumors suggest it's going to be a motorbike ride. So if you remember from the sex seventh film when they ride those bikes with Hagrid, those are going to be the rollercoaster vehicles. You're gonna go through the forbidden forest and see dangerous left and ride. It looks like it's gonna be a high-tech immersive attraction for universal. I do wanna..

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