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Thirteen. Yeah. I have a tax Bill from Texans are done. I'm like uptodate. I even this year's show. You think I got an Email saying I have forty thousand dollars the IRS. So I call it my tanks guy say okay ad actually like this. Yeah. Yes. He calls me and says. He's been stolen twice in the same year. So he goes, they they filed another tax return and twenty thirteen. This is the third time. So they got a refund back on one of them, and they didn't accept one. So they audited the fake one now. So anyway, he unwinded literally in a few minutes. This is why you can't go late on your taxes. You can't you imagine. If some of these guys you hear like Michael Rosberg would do people's tax heading to taxes for seventeen years. Show called taxman here on busy might still be Eric. And I actually texted Michael the letter I go what what's going on? He goes. I bet you got scammed. And that's for sure it happened. This is why you gotta stay on top of this don't throw those letters away. I mean, if you throw that type of stuff away next thing, you know, you got forty thousand dollars out of your Bank account. So how do you feel about lifelock? And all those different, you know, like. This is just like backing up your hard drive. I've got time machine for my backup. I also I've got to physical backups. I got a backup in the cloud. And I got my computer, I've got lifelock identity. I q. Fico dot com. Well, I had my identity stolen, and they gave it right back. All right, continuator, my my favorite one. And everyone hates this one. Is if you don't have a budget, please build one to.

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