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News is tied up. Joe's Guy wrote a good effort by the Lightning. I love the way Esposito comes in well. Where is she? Now? By the way, I will say that bone, Tampa Bay and Vancouver bounce back in a big way. So you gotta expect that the Flyers going to come out flying today They were going to try to get all over the Islanders early in this game, much like the Islanders got on them in Game one. I think that I like after Game one. Barry Trotz said He was not happy with his team, even though they had one of four. Nothing game said they were very average was the quote from him. I did not like not like his 2nd and 3rd period's all of third period. They scored three goals, one of them being an empty netter, But it's the four check and the fact that they have four full lines. That they play and everybody is getting the right amount of minutes. Everybody is getting nobody is playing 28 minutes. You know, they're They're basically the way that Barry Trotz has got this thing going right now is everybody's fresh. So when you're on the ice late in the game, and your planning is the guy that's been out there for 24 minutes, and you've been out there for 10 minutes. You can get after them late in these games and as part of the secret as to why I think the Islanders are winning a lot of these games. They're in great shape. They look great. They got about to jump in there skating and they better be ready to go right to get go from this case, because I think Alain Vigneault is going to be pushing his team targets. Hate email from people from Tampa did last year. The way I was inundated with that last year guidance right now, just get the Islanders three o'clock today, and then they turn around play Game three tomorrow. I believe at seven. So the quick turn around back to back there. I have some more football stuff for you, but we'll get to that next hour. We'll save some stuff for the final hour. I no amount of time and we look forward to that in about 45 minutes or so. All right, Chris. Thanks very much. 8 44. Call's.

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