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The road, keep ourselves our loved ones and others around us face. This October. Take the NSC best Dr. Pledge and commit to driving distraction. Free zebra dot com will donate $1 for every pledge taken, and that's 100% of every donation made to NSC up to $5000 until November, 6th. Visit NSC dot org's slash pledge to take the pledge and learn how to keep you and your loved ones safe. The chairman of the Federal Reserve says the economy is recovering better than expected, but that progress could be easily derailed. Your own Polito, the National Association for Business Economics Tuesday that containing the spread of the Corona virus is a large factor in keeping the economy recovering. The recovery has progressed more quickly than generally expected. The most recent projections by a phone see. Participants at our September meeting show the recovery Continuing at a solid pace, the median participants saw unemployment declining to 4% inflation, reaching 2%. By the end of 2023, Of course, economy may perform better or worse than expected. Look remains highly uncertain, in part because it depends on controlling the spread and effects of the virus. Florida voters will get more time to register after the state's voter registration website crashed at the deadline. Florida Governor Rhonda Santa said heavier than expected traffic around Monday's deadline crash the site. The voters will have until 7 p.m. Tuesday to register online or in person at election, motor vehicle and tax collectors offices. This is use a radio news. Now you can fly anywhere in the world and paid discount prices on your airline Tickets. Book of flight today to London, Paris, Madrid or anywhere else you want to go and pay a lot less guarantee. Call the International Travel Department right now at low cost Airlines 800 to 1551 for one..

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