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And then if you add to it, a J boy is not out there. And he wasn't at practice today. That doesn't mean that he's not progressing in the concussion protocol, but you felt a lot better about seeing Philip Lindsay out there last week. On the practice field as he was making his way through the concussion protocol. No age. A boy puts even more stress on these young corners, or Bryce Callahan, who, you know, he made a hell of a play against Mike Williams. But Going against Julio Jones for an entire game might be is a tall task for any corner, even the best to ever do it. But certainly when you look at what Julio could do, and prices size limitations could be a bit of a long day for the Broncos. Second, Grady Jarrett might be the best defensive tackle in football right now. Not named Aaron. Donald. It's gonna be a handful for Ah, Broncosoffensive line. You already says going without Graham glass cow. How do you think they're going to hold up against that? And have you seen the other defensive lineman Tak McKinley earlier today, jumping on jumping on Twitter that dude for a guy who couldn't buy himself a sack. You know it through his career in Atlanta is doing his best to get himself sacked now. Yeah, I get attacked. McKinley wanted to get traded. I guess a year ago and then you want to get traded again, and they keep shooting it down AA and he was I pick out of the way. The hope is that he can be disruptive enough to his own locker room right and and mail it in that when he's out on the field, I know that most people are gonna Act like that right there. I'm gonna just go embarrass themselves. But maybe he could be enough of a distraction that you Khun double team Grady Jarrett and just not get tack McKinley's best effort because you're right. I think next Erin Donald I probably put radio ahead of Chris Jones. Not necessarily talent wise, but he's got a motor that never turns off right for and for 1/5 round pick who finally made his first problem last year. You know, he's the son of Ah! Falcons great Jessie Tuggle. And so I don't have it. You will know that. But let's have a fun fact. But Grady Jerry is a hell of a ballplayer. And I think you have to double team him as much as possible as much as your offense allowed, because if he's won on one, even if classical we're healthy Or one along with cushion Barry or one on one with rising a. It's It's a long day for all three of those guys. I hope you have a slope mint in this case. Sorry. Yeah, No, that's okay. The game between the Packers important just going final. I hope he had the over in this one because a garbage time touchdown by San Francisco with four seconds left MIT absolutely nothing. Except for the gamblers. Well, I had the Packers and I got it. I think 7.5 on draftkings. Hope you guys. Yeah, Yeah, OK and loaded up. So I did pick the Packers Dean, one of my many fantasy leagues, thinking they'd have a big night. They ended up just a nine because of that garbage shuts down like he said, so. But yeah, the Packers that felt like the lock of the week. It absolutely did. And I imagine are pro become challenge Presented by Circle K, which confined Okay when news radio dot com on our contest page. I imagine everybody on our leaderboard. Picked the Packers and it's not going to be much change their B k your podcast anything. I mean, I know I'm on there and then you get stuff for the Falcons also a reminder and I was reminded by Brian or text line that you're going to be doing. Broncos react coming up from 5 to 8 this Sunday. Yeah, That's the plan Unless you guys wanted to do it, then I'm happy to let you but now I'm certainly planning on being there. I appreciate your covering for me a couple weeks ago, but, yeah. Ah, 5 to 8. I will. I will be there. Ah, you know the Broncos react react. I guess Alicia over time. A six AM warm up. Yeah, that's that's good. Although these days Honestly, I'm up that are like, you know, ran you You had to do little ones a long, long time ago that long ago, but I don't sleep more than three hours because I handled over night feedings in this point or have a week's good man. She's been alive, so I have not slept more than three hours at a time. Now Aiken feeder and go back to sleep, but I'm going to go to sleep right now. Because I have to get up to do updates in the morning. We appreciate popping on this. Hey, thanks for having me guys. I'll catch you next week. All right, Bryan Crystal. Okay. Broncos Insider bra just by Colorado's for Responsible energy development learned the facts on oil guys benefiting Colorado. Alcala rides a credit dot org's CR v.

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