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It's twenty four, twenty one. The chargers. Remind myself of this before. I. Go nuts here. There was a missed field goal. By Michael Badgley. So they get the ball back have a three point lead. All, the way down the field get stopped at the Tampa Bay thirty six. Now actually read the twenty two I totally spaced on this as well. Are The twenty, two and Justin. Herbert. Hits Keenan Allen for nine yards for a first down, it would have been. First and ten at Tampa Bay's thirteen. But there was absolutely ticky Tack Chop Block where Levante David blitzed in the air gap. And Justin Jackson with low to cut blocking great cut block right? It was perfect whatever. But Force lamp came off a double team. And saw David Kinda going in his peripheral and was like Oh, hell, I have to go get him but he didn't realize Jackson was there to get him. So he comes off and right as Justin Jackson makes contact with Devante Labonte David's lower body four slam kind of puts his hands on him and he's not it wasn't a hit. It wasn't like an actual or attempted to block he just of did it and realize that the last second the no, I don't need to do this but his hands touched David. and. So basically because then that was contact on lower body while also on top with two different, you know a blockers David, they're going to call that chop block it was very ticky tack but if it was quite a Bang Bang play into the rest we're going to call I am not pierce the did it because I believe they should have it's still maybe I would like them to exercise a little more caution I don't know but screwed the pooch there. There are backed up all the way to the Tampa Bay thirty seven second two. Couldn't do much about it. They gained I believe eight yards, the next two plays, and from the Tampa Bay twenty nine Badgley misses a forty seven yard field goal wide left. So, what could have been twenty seven, twenty one? St At twenty four twenty. One..

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