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Air it doesn't bother erica jane that to read has completely coputer style and air jane i'm not but i'm not loving her new style like she's wearing like weird mohawk hairdos in i again with this hip hop look in these big t shirts and yeah come on glam squad get it going so then we see that kyle is working on american woman this is these scripted show about her life and she's like you know that was so my mom you know my mom we were in the business and my mom worked hard i mean she had to struggle she was a single mom they just want to say something we always referred to women who have children who don't are not married a single moms but he i really a single mom like i think you're a divorced mon if you are getting any kind of child support from the father i you had to say that the divorce mom or something because we always say it's a divorce dad if you say and deigning a single dad you'd you'd be like oh did his wife die we she is she in jail for drug addiction like how is he a single dead it's so a bannon by his by the mother of his cia i'm just saying you know it's like it's like people say yuri europe porn star and you're like his everybody is star isn't that a little it's i'm just saying it's as saying that i'd like to just figure out so tell me do if you're if you're a mob who's now not with her man you call yourself a single mom or divorced mom that's right me okay getting back we go to teddy who by the way was divorced we don't know what happened the first wedding anyway she's with some hot guy that does securities or whatever and you know tatty is down to earth threats horses man you know salt like everybody else and she doesn't care about how she looks however she has hair extensions to her waist and gets a facial once a week and she's tried bo talks and philip in like filler but you know why i'm not are all about the outside looks you know what i mean i'm just like hey yeah i've lost two hundred fifty pounds i work at every day but i don't care about the.

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