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In that theory to me of just life not necessarily having a important meaning or film not having an important sort of like overall like this is what we're saying at the end but something that like oh no this is just a thing that happens that the characters we went through that contrast in juxtaposition serving to present that this idea that the film is trying to say which is that the drive towards self destruction is what gives us purpose right you look at these things you have a purposeless entity which is owned which is all it's doing is continuing to grow zone does not have dr self destruction at no point is going to biology gonna break down right and then you have these four characters who all have five whatever it was who all have a severe drive in fact only characterizations basically their various drive selfdestruction but that's also gives them all purpose right and so i thought we were saying that jackson upside in the film in order to make the point about whether or not a agree with it that this dr self destruction is what as humanity gives us purpose versus this other entity which just grows so let's go into the death drive so i think we're kind of talking about that so the death drive is a forty term that describes it individuals drive toward death or selfdestruction it's a desire for like the peace and serenity of inanimate lifelike your mother's womb or death so as i explained earlier you know all the girls are all the characters selfdestruct and i would say that the film is permeated by this kind of this feeling of melancholy and i don't know if this is going too far austin would you say and i'm calling out austin because i feel like he's the one who might go this far with me but the whole inside the lighthouse kind of is shaped like a womb.

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