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This believe that he really has something to give he has a gift and what he has to do is to work and develop that gift. My job is to find what that gift is a giving the tools and the advice and the leadership that would allow him to be the best. He could be somewhere down the road but it's going to take time and patience and and hard work. That's right coach do you think That when you try to find that gift and somebody as a player you have to understand that full person, right? Because I think that a lot of guys that I've known you see a lot of Talent come through the NFL but and they all have gifts right but how do you pull that out of them? You have to understand that complete person. So tell me what did you do to get know those players in a way that they really believed and trusted in you. Well first off you can you communicate honestly, you know, you know, if you you tell me some kind of a fib to a player it's a secret for about 30 seconds in the locker room and everybody knows it. You can lose credibility instantly in an NFL locker room and you have to make decisions not always the popular decision, but the right decisions and and and not being impulsive about it. Then if you have a deep enough philosophy the decisions you make sometimes seem him. To believe but it's you've been there and done it before and you know, how you think and this is how I'm going to respond to the situation. I'm in but the number one thing is be honest with your players telling the truth. Sometimes I really don't want the truth. They don't want to be told they're not quite good enough. They don't want to be told that they haven't worked hard enough they want they don't want to be told that they they've overlooked some Talent they've had for too long has too late the NFL and done sit around a way for you to grow up, you know, and I I learned a long time ago gosh that there's no correlation between maturity and age, you know, I've coach kids fifteen years older weren't mature as hell and I've coach guys thirty-five years older. We're still growing up, you know, so that's what I would do Gus and and and working with the kids thing is number one. And then the number two thing is to be a good example for him. You better do what you ask them to do in a way that they can see. Do you really believe in what your name? Need to teach them you reinforce Everything You Believe In by your example your team will not be what you are not. Okay your family variety with you are not that's all there is to it. And so I I use that I I've actually had NFL players come to me a locker room says goccino, you know, because in the off seasons and the NFL we would have positioned to intercept the house Carol know what form the big cable. I have sitting up stairs. We sat at last night. We took it with us because we could seat 18 people on it and we'd have players around there and I had a number of players coming a coach in my marriage. I want to try to develop the relationship that you and your wife have and pass it on to my family. Now that goes, you know, you don't get that on football field office in a meeting room or every day you get that in these other little things you add to who you really are and what you believe in and you know, but by being an example some wage Kids have never had a I've never seen a parental relationship. Some of them don't know how their dad is. You know, I I've experienced all these conversations behind closed doors so long. I felt that I didn't realize that phase was an impacting certain kids, but it was brought to my attention and made me feel good and I didn't have to change anything. But that's what we thought. You know, that's what we do. And but I think the big thing is when you look up in the eye, you gotta tell them the truth and and you have to be believable in the only way you can be believable consistent and MCU. They see in you you're in your actions what you're actually talking about. Yeah. Oh wait. Sorry guys. Were you going to page real quick money, you know coach I've always felt like Your example of of how you lead. I was a high school coach after I played and you know just didn't go any further After High School, but I know.

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