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It's never gonna win any awards for anything. And in fact, a lot of people watch and be like, this is pretty miserable, but it was utterly entertaining, entertaining for me. So. And I want to do a special shoutout. I know you don't watch the show better call Saul. You're not a better call Saul personnel here because I wasn't a breaking bad person. Okay. Yes, it'd be no reason for you to watch this net shared universe, but Bob Odenkirk has done such a job and he gets a lot of the lion share of phrase in the show. Obviously, I love Jonathan banks DC native him, but I really, really wanna give shout for Ray seahorn. Oh, she plays Kim Wexler who is Bob Odenkirk love interest in Terni, and she does more without opening her mouth saline. She I like to call it like moving without the ball, talk about it in basketball. You gotta move around. She is so great. I, I have come to love her so much on this show that now my quest is for her to do lots of big things because I just think she is phenomenon. I think she's got some. See ties, and she also spent some time up here. So let's find her. Yeah, listen, how do you spell Ray? And I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly r. h. e. a. it's the Ray or re race. Yeah, got it. But while her she is just sublime, I'm intrigue you'd. I will watch now just for that speaking of television, I do wanna give a shout out. There's a, this was a great summer for documentaries this past summer, but one of my favorites was called dark money and we had talked about that. It's about politics and Monteiro. Yes, his effective camping countries. Right. And that is currently, you can see that on PBS on POV right now. So I really cannot recommend it strongly dark money. It's called yes, it's called dark money, and it moves like a thriller. You're just kind of in it and and it's not a partisan. I just wanna make sure everybody knows. This is not a partisan issue. You know, it's really not. It's it's as if anything is Republicans who are. Being victimized by it in in Montana in this particular iteration of the story, absolutely nutrition. And so it's just but it so well made in well-crafted and you learn so much, and it's just it's just a great movie. So it's on p. o. v. check it out on your Lukla PBS stations that by the way, I'm not a guy that's going to get my political. You know. High horse soapbox Sopa. But, but if we got rid of if we limited country fictions it would that term limits. We could do those two things. I think we'd be, don't you look like, well, it would be worth a try. I think it'd be worth a try. Try what do I know? I'm just the dumb guy who loves stores born, you know, that's me. For president. You know what? If Gaga it Bradley Cooper running. I'd be down with that. That'd be okay with that. And that leads us right now Mishor today too. Chew on track song. I'm just gonna play it. Okay. Oh, good. No, I didn't. Lot of folks might not recognize this, then they will gonna know it. That's Bradley tour? Yes, film. The song's called shallow. This is the song we were talking about before I, I'm all right. Every hair on my body. It's unbelievable. It's this is the scene where he just said, we're second, we're gonna play the song I want you come up and sing it, and he goes out and he does this. This is written and performed by lady Gaga this rigid song. It's already charting. It's going to be a big hit. I think it's going to win an Oscar for digital song. I think it's gonna win a Grammy. And I think honestly, breath Cooper's got a shot to really get a leg up on the got after this year, you know. And this just gives you an example of how beautiful the music was in this, and we didn't even get. Well, I know 'cause we can only play. All right. Okay. Well, then you're just going to have to see the movie for this big go to tunes. The album is actually these album of the soundtrack is out to is out on Friday..

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