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All berries zelina Vega and fire Alexa. Yeah, same here. I don't want to see Alexa Bliss. Yeah. That'll be awkward. Right? I mean, I don't wanna see Jason Biggs dance for. Fair enough. Dance for Selena Vega. Yeah. The Leonardo DiCaprio banging Sasha Banks. I'm in. Yeah. I can't argue that. So he and ramen any tips on holding in a boner when female wrestlers show their necks. Wow. Yeah. I would say cut their head off. Yeah. For being such sluts in Saudi Arabia. And then S Thorne with the lame women's title exchange, do you think it's the dual networks to blame for lack of creative stories? I think it would be cool if both titles were on one show and the other had to find a good contender to win it back. I mean, it's not the network's fault. They don't write the show. Yeah. You know? There's only one guy. It's this guy's fault. I'm a genius. That was his genius plan. Nick, carrillo, I'm in Houston next week where and what should I be eating, drinking and seeing and also how difficult will it be to find weed? Very talk to Eric. Now, so easy. Illegal here. Drinking 8th wonder breweries always a good spot. Find some barbecue. Get some Mexican food. Mexican food. You know, most Mexican restaurants are really good. Hot potatoes. What? What? Get out of here. What? You both laughing at papa see those? Yeah. That's the Mexican restaurant that you can choose. Or lupe tortillas, what I was gonna say. What about some good Tex mex? Go to chilies. This little hole in the wall I know. Papa see those? They're not like world net, like they're not like all over, they're not a chain. It's like multiples. It's like the barrows for New York pizza. No, it's not. Yes it is. You can't afford it. Are you guys crazy? Yeah. That's stupid. It's completely don't listen to Joe. Okay. Whatever. Why would you go Lopez? I love this. There's a place I go called Amal Latina. This is really good. That's right. Not like something Eric can't like it. No, it's not that you're so anti establishment. You're establishment. No. It's like saying let's get some Tex mex. We'll go to chilies. Yes, fajitas. Are you serious? You want to make any go to sbarros in New York, Joe? No, I wouldn't. I'm not saying it's the same thing. Papas doesn't have a hundred locations like sbarro's does. And malls, Papas not in malls. Is there an airports? Yeah. They're in one airport 'cause it's known here. Yeah, yeah. Fuck you. Paying you? Kill yourself. Oh, you guys are so wrong. You can't afford it. That's why you don't go. Right. Well, I can't either. It's very pricey. Yeah, if you have to overpay for Mexican food, fair enough. If there's only white people eating there, then it's not Mexican food. I'm sorry. You like sour cream? Whatever you put it on every time. Every time I've been with you too much, you're all about sauces. What is this your cream have to do with it? 'cause it's not a real Mexican. If you go to a real Mexican place, they don't have sour cream. I have to go and they have sour cream. Okay. I didn't say that whole fucking country doesn't have a condiment Andrew. I said it authentic Mexican places don't have sour cream on this. It's so angry. Don't ever say anything about papacito. I was ever going to get Jesus. When you order for fajitas, don't they bring you a plate with a big ass dollop of sour cream? Yeah. Yeah. Anyways, yeah, Nick. So that's what you should be doing. Yeah, just let's take it a little bit. And then Victor Castillo, let's say you're a manager within WWE or NXT, who would you all want to manage and why manage a note managing that superstar will end up benefiting them in the future? Kevin Owens? You don't need to manage Kevin Owens. It will benefit him in the future. That's true, I guess. Yeah. Keith Lee, definitely could use a man. Oh, that's a good one. He really could. I guess if Damian priest is gonna be heal. Yeah, he could use the talk or two. Yeah. Yeah. All right, that's all for fan questions so make sure you subscribe to our podcast, give us a 5 star review. Check out our official website. What's wrong with wrestling dot com like the show on Facebook? Follow us on Twitter and Instagram at wrong wrestling. Get a T-shirt, a pro wrestling tees dot com slash what's wrong with wrestling and become a supporter of the show at Patreon dot com slash, what's wrong with wrestling? $5 a month gets you everything like the brackets, the pay per view recaps NXT AW all that good stuff. Yeah. And then make sure you subscribe to our new podcast. Hollywood hogwash available anywhere podcasts are heard. Absolutely. And we'll see you next time. Give that 5 stars. Those special thanks to Kelly.

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