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One of your clubs today with periods of rain this afternoon in the high of 63 to 67 intermittent rain tonight with a low of 53 to 57 remaining mostly cloudy tomorrow with a shower around that a high of 60 to 64. Mac, you other media Ronald? Just Joe Lundberg News. 93.1 kfbk and we have a bunch of fifties all up and down the valley. Right now. It is 54 in Tahoe will start of their 57 in the Bay Area 55 in Roseville and 54 in Sacramento. Out of the stories that are trending on this Tuesday morning this morning, California lawmakers from the state Capitol and lobbyists are waking up in Hawaii there on an all expenses paid trip to Maui and a posh resort where rooms go for $600 a night kfbk. Jody Guerrero has more now on the trip to paradise that's shrouded in secrecy. State lawmakers and lobbyists are in Maui for the annual California Independent Voter Projects Policy conference. While state health officials are warning against holiday travel on vacation plans, several lawmakers headed out to the Aloha State to rub elbows with industry representatives. The event is hosted by a San Diego based group that works to empower non partisan voters and promote nonpartisan election reform, a spokesman for the group told the Sacramento Bee. The attendees air following CDC guidelines like mask wearing and social distancing, and they're encouraged to quarantine for 14 days afterward. Jody Guerrero News 93.1 KFBK Airbnb will debut on public market soon. KFDA CASE Jensen Raeder reports that the Hypo could bring Billions of dollars for the Bay Area company, The San Francisco based short term rental company released its prospectus Monday, blaming a decline in revenue on the impact of the covert 19 pandemic. Whoever the company noted, business quickly began to rebound as millions of guests took trips closer to home. With the break out into the stock market, Airbnb employees are slated to make million's bringing tax revenue into the city. The company plans to trade on the NASDAQ under the symbol A B and B and could appear on the market as soon as December. Jensen Raider News 93.1 KFBK Health officials in YOLO County have confirmed a Corona virus outbreak at a West Sacramento nursing home cave becase role Well, Balon has details. Officials say nine residents and 13 staff members have tested positive at the riverbed nursing center. There have been no deaths reported as the infected patients are being monitored in isolation. The same facility had a cluster of five confirmed cases back in July. Riverbend officials say all residents and staff have been tested for Cove it and will continue to get tested. Weekly Royale Balon News 93.1 KFBK Sacramento Kings air getting ready for the NBA draft, which starts tomorrow, training camps opening for all teams on December 1st. The Kings will have the 12th overall pick in this year's draft head coach Luke Walton and new general manager Monty McNair will have to decide whether to use the pick or package it in a trade the MBA 72 game regular season scheduled to tip off December. 22nd. I know you remember Al Franken. Oh, yeah. So former comedian was on Saturday. Live Really funny guy in lawmaker on lawmakers Senator from Minnesota, then got caught up in the me to deal. Remember that that just ended his career like just that I hit a brick wall. He's back. Yeah. Okay. He's on CNN and MSNBC lately regarding some commentary, Okay, that seems like a good spot for him. Media exposure is growing for Al Franken. Yep. He's back to work. Yep. All right, Let's get more from your national stories now from ABC. President elect Joe Biden moving forward with his transition team, adding senior staff for his White House when he takes office. And today Louisiana representative Cedric Richmond being tapped to be in the senior roles with Biden Harris administration today in New Orleans. Richmond, who served his Biden's campaign co chair, announcing he'll leave office title that I will have Will be senior advisor to the president. It will be assistant to the president and director of public engagement. Jen O'Malley. Dillon died in his campaign manager will also serve as deputy chief of staff. President Trump still not conceding the presidential race, moving ahead with new court filings and states, including Georgia and Michigan. On Capitol Hill. This hour, Senate Judiciary Committee members hearing testimony from CEOs of Twitter and Facebook. Ah post election look at the recent election on what they allowed on platforms and took off coronavirus continuing to surgeon states and into Colonel. Homeland Security memos shows the majority of states seen an increase in hospitalizations, Michelle It's Michelle Franzen for ABC News, a City council race where there's just a handful of votes between candidates. And we do mean a handful like five. It's news from your neighborhood coming up traffic. CHP is.

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