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Futures i'm a lifelong mets fan i know pain i know misery you know i do business but the mets have just spitting are face i loved the mets i love the minutes but the nerve i mean they bringing these players like jay bruce we get used to him he's busting is but only was horrible and this year he had acquired weeks and addison read and it's like they say well we cut out of the contract mitch fans should be so happy we may get some schlock for two thousand twelve only one yeah i'm sorry go back to your sports gazprom amidst fair and i'm disgusted i picture when i just heard you with a cigar in your mouth in doha somewhere up in the upper deck at city field saying the wrong person may never be a cigar in my mouth i'm just a mets fan and i feel betrayed i think he's heard thank you right feel better condom hurry in the meantime the yankees had they did basically they did an invitation the mets they provided no run support for sunny gray it was a four nothing lost to the blue jays in toronto gray gave up three runs just two earned in six innings to full to owen to since being acquired from oakland at the trade deadline and by the way the yankees are breaking with tradition there swamping other classic uniforms for a few days later this month it'll be jerseys that include meetings and nicknames first time for new in nearly a century iin the yankees with names on their back yeah anyway for three days on players weaken august 25th through the 27th at the team will debut the new temporarily temporary looked navy jerseys which such things as all rise for arron judge richard jersey and dubbed for ccc get.

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