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In one. Yes, you can say so Disgusted by it were the talk of the town. People just taken listen to what they want to hear. Louisville happens here. News radio. Wait, 40 w h A s sorry. I'm Trish. Good spirits. Thank you. I'm not disgusted. We have a weekend filled with sports on our menu E and give us an update. First off on Louisville Baseball. What's happening versus Miami? It is now the top of the second over there. Jim Paterson Stadium. Cain's already up to nothing. Didn't get to see the very beginning. They were finishing up the Wake Forest game on the A. C C network, And just as it switched over, a young man from Miami was rounding the bases after hitting a home run, so I don't know if it was a solo or a two run bomb, but No. The cards are down two nil. Louisville and Kentucky both in need of some wins, wins wins to get going here it regular seasons and that's for sure. All right. You heard the MBA theme and, of course, the MBA playoffs finally get underway. What do we get tonight? Tonight. We've got the last of the playing games. We just heard they're in the news. The commissioner trying to fight to keep the play in games, a lot of players. I don't think they're big fans. But I think the fans themselves seemed to like it so I'm going to get the Memphis Grizzlies at the Golden State Warriors tonight at nine o'clock winner will be the eighth seed in the Western Conference, and then we'll get to play Utah on Sunday night. Yeah, and they want revenue that Z what happens And they're just looking for ways to make sure they can keep making a living. That's how that works. Yeah, it's it's all about maw rise on the game. The essential idea is, you know We're used to the eight team playoff format. Well, if your team nine or team 10, and you're a couple of games out with a couple of games to go, you know you need a lot of help to get in the playoffs, so you may not be Trying to finish out that string in a positive manner. This keeps those teams involved keeps those teams fans involved and get you a couple more games on TV. So yes, it's all about making a little extra money. All right bunch of games Saturday. One of them is the Boston Celtics at Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Nets. That's the cool hot celebs magnet, but also the Madison Square Garden. Folks are gonna be delighted that there Knicks are actually in it. But first, this from ABC News reporter Dave Packer on vaccinations and fans in the stands. Listen to these numbers. Basketball in its fans back together for many of us the This pandemic really became real when the MBA suspended their season Brooklyn Nets CEO John Abbott Bundy the Nets to host a playoff game against the Boston Celtics. 90% of the seats for the match up reserved for fans who are fully vaccinated will have a limited number of non vaccinated sections. On those folks will be socially distance, They will be masked and they'll all be tested Unvaccinated minors under 16 consider the fully vaccinated section if they test negative and are accompanied by a vaccinated adult. Dave Packer, ABC News Thank you for that. Dave Packard, who in the world How do you police all this stuff that he just described? Well, I was interested here and there, they said. For all the people sitting in the non vaccinated area, everybody's got to go through the covert test. I guess they're gonna have rapid tests there on site and you got to do that before they let you in. That's a guess. Quite the expense. You said. You set up some kind of a bubble at one entrance. Non vaccinated heathens. You rabid dogs go through this entrance only and then everybody else is vaccinated and they're making it sound like Because of the way he used that Burbage in that report, 90% of the seats for the matchup reserved for fans are fully vaccinated. The other 10% for unvaccinated people. It's like, Oh, 100% well, but they're not full. And we don't really know what their capacity is of their doing 50% or what? Yeah. Trying to find a number there on the Barclays Center site. And it told you you know the process, but it never told you what the exact number Woz. I would guess New York. I know they've opened a few things. Just shot the dark. Probably 50%. Maybe 60. I don't know. So all of the rabid dogs will be in one section. Actually, the guy that was quoted saying one ruins and when when they were, there will be a limited number of non vaccinated sections. He said. Okay? So, but still they have to be close to each other. It's not like you're gonna have an unvaccinated section over there and then over all the way across the arena on the other side's moron, vaccinate people. They're they're gonna have him quarantine. I mean, in a sense. Roped off in some area of the arena, and that's that. I would bet that the the non vaccinated people kind of get that area behind one of the baskets, and it kind of works up the arena from there. That way. They can leave Ah, section or so on each side and then use the rest of the arena for the vaccinated people, and they don't want them. Going to concession stands the rabid dogs. So what they'll do is like the you know the old movie, Pappy on hose down where they just hose down all those guys all those prisoners. What they'll do is Is have, like a beer can in, and it'll just tell everybody beer. You know, all the people in the rabid dog section will just open their mouth and they'll just spray him and same thing. Then they'll make popcorn fall from the ceiling like Like confetti does during a celebration and then you just open your mouth with, but they don't want you going elsewhere. It's kind of their version of the all inclusive ticket there. They probably give you a diaper to until you do not use their restrooms. I mean, why did should they clean up for the unvaccinated all they're gonna have to after the game, no matter what somebody's gonna be cleaning those seats sprayed that liquid Clorox. Exactly. Okay. I go post them. All right. What's our MBA Slick slate for the weekend and, well, we already talked about tonight. We got the last of the playing games. Memphis against Golden State at nine o'clock tomorrow four games, flipping back and forth between the East and the Western Conference, starting off in Milwaukee, Greek freak. Is going to be taken on the Miami heat. That's a two p.m. on Saturday. And you got Dallas at the L. A Clippers, which actually was a really good Syriza in the post season last year, So I hope that one comes back Tombo, another good Syriza Saturday at 4, 30, Boston and the aforementioned Brooklyn Nets tomorrow night at eight, and we're gonna close out the Saturday night Slate Portland at Denver. That one's a late night start. 10:30 P.m. on the East Coast. Let's make our picks for the first half the weekend here at Memphis School State. I'm taking steps. During Golden State in tonight's game. I will take golden State as well. I like the Greek freak. I like the bucks. I will take I'm gonna take the Clippers and then I can't. I can't go against Brooklyn with that at all Star cast, Assuming they all show up, they only played what three games together. Is any road team going to win? I don't know. Okay, Portland, then report Endeavor. All right. Just give me Portland and just on a freak note that one road team wins. Okay. What's up for Sunday Sunday? We've got Washington at Philly starting off the slate. Of course, the Wizards coming off the big win in the last play in game last night that we've got the Lakers at Phoenix 3 30 on Sunday. Lakers, the favorite against the two seated, Sonny was possible. Well, because have you seen those two lineups? One of them is Devin Booker and Chris Paul. Nothing against that. But the other one is LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Yeah, 11 of those teams has two of the top five players in the league. The other ones, the Phoenix Suns. There you go, then we've got Atlanta and New York on Sunday night Big early two thousands match up there. Sunday seven and then closing it out. The Spider Mitchell led Utah J is going to host whoever wins tonight's game at 9 30..

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