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Okay. So we posted. This picture is ongoing. Who's a very handsome man and you know young youngest you know not. He's not like your old uncle. Yeah yeah he's very nice and he's says too busy with work right now to think of a clever way to do this so i'm just going to drop this here. Did he goes to those who care. Meet uncle anthony so body. It's it's really good so you check it out. I got a kick out of it. Well hey big news. And bachelor nation of vanessa gremaldi former ex of nick vile who is celebrated in during this whole franchise is wed now to say josh wolff and the quote is i'm over the moon. Yes so she got married over the weekend. She said exclusively. I think two people after the wedding. Josh is the best partner to have in life. I feel so grateful. The got engaged last summer and they were married this weekend at the low amount. Stephen hotel Sonar where is in canada. I would say it was a montreal. Yeah montreal and she wore a lace gown by Maria our co design with a j. end avi embroidered on the sleeves. It's very cute. And she says i choose comfort over everything The dress hugs all the right places. And i feel so confident in it. Who that's awesome. Hey more yeah. Congratulations to them. That's a that's a couple of. We've been watching for a while super awesome. Well more love news in battery nation. Seen fleming somebody. That is just absolutely darling. We fell in love with her from when she first came on the podcast. Couple of years ago and She ended up dating a realtor. Doug film well. Hey they're engaged now on the quotas. I always knew he was the one. Yes i remember her. Not going to paradise because of him She was very serious about her new boyfriend at the time She says yes. I i knew he was one from site i met him i because i never felt the way that i felt for him with anyone else. He's become my best friend is truly the most kind and loving person i've ever known She tells us weekly that he puts up with all of her antics and ken and she could be exactly who she. She is with him. Quirks and all He planned the most day. It was a complete surprise. He got down on one knee in. Malibu started with a helicopter ride over. La landing on a hilltop in malibu for the actual proposal followed by surprise dinner with twenty close friends and families on a rooftop restaurant in west. Hollywood that is so sweet. Something really really incredible well. Hey we've been hearing rumors ashley. It's kind of a headline kinda sparking your interest in what you think. We've heard rumors recently especially coming from creator. Mike fleiss about the next bachelor. He dropped a hint recently about the new upcoming lead. He says you'll be very happy. Well of course that never happens. Bachelor nation is always split. Remember and i was announced as the bachelor half the people love to have two people hated it. L. ben ben ben. Nah you flatter me all the time and this is time for me to say ben..

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