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Legion the tv series of it. Oh they really do. His megan's remind me a lot of i don't remember what they were called but Those women with the mustaches and the glory neck pieces. Yeah that show is so great so it's important to specify by the way but the doctor griffin is spelled g. r. i f. f. i n. The gadget is called the griffin as well but spelled g. r. y. p. h. o. n. which apparently is an acronym for genetic realignment yield polarity rising orientation that okay whatever aim scientist or whoever names. That is is so fired. They're gone are you kidding. What seems like the kind of thing would promote you for a really good point. Actually well the family is saved from their various foes by adam who like we mentioned earlier comes back from space after the silver surfer gives his hippie van a power cosmic jump start in one of the single greatest pages. I've seen in comic in my life. A lot of the series is the kids coming to terms with status quo. They never knew about the family coming to terms with being back together after so many years apart and all of the assorted baggage that goes with being a family but especially a weird long-lived family totally in a way it reminds me a little of umbrella academy with the family who were superheroes not. There was a tragedy. Kind of coming back together after so long and attempting to be functional. But but i like this better but honestly like clandestine better than most at this point. It's so much fun. It's very brightly colored. It totally is. We also get a lot of flashbacks in the first eight issues to adams past and thus the family's origin with the crusades and the genie sex. There's not really one big plot line in clandestine as a series it sort of meandering and it seems intended to be more about character than plot. Which honestly. I feel great about and makes me want as much clandestine as possible. Now clandestine nine through twelve. As we mentioned. Art davis. They're written by glenn doc and penciled by pino rinaldi and bryan hitch and they were utterly erased from continuity when allen davis takes back over with x men crossover many. There's just one panel. Were roy's like i had this weird dream. It didn't make any sense. Well glad that didn't happen. It's it was a race so thoroughly from continuity that i actually wasn't able to find it anywhere apparently these days it's considered to be earth seven one zero an alternate dimension that rory dreamed about. Well that explains that. I guess and that brings us to x. men slash clandestine number one dreams of darkest destiny and number two the destined darkest dreams. Both of these are written and pencilled by alan davis by mark farmer colored by joe roses and in laughlin on number two and lettered by pat prentice and we open with pre x. Men's savior doing what he did. Best which stumbling into a mysterious cave. This was something that save your spent again a lot of time doing before putting together the x. men we know this is part of juggernauts origin. Story etcetera. this is an entirely different case though. This cave contains a big love crafty. An inter dimensional horror just being held at bay by two of the destin's kuku and yet another body and gracie gamble. We haven't met before a really kick ass little old lady. Oh yeah kuku. Is sarah by the way. I don't know if we mentioned her codename. Bi she's been around since the start. I love gracie's character designed so much like she's this little old lady adventurer and she's kind of androgynous in her clothing but she's got these gloriously gland winged glasses frames with little gems in the corners giant cigar. She's so great like she wasn't in the first clandestine series at all. She's shows up here and all the sudden. I'm like oh i guess i like this series even better now. Xavier helps them take down. The the big lovecraft hearts the thing called sin raith but gracie wipes his mind of the encounter. Yeah see how you like it. You're your jerk. And he doesn't recall it until years later in westchester but before then the original five are headed to the village for d. One night comeback of bernard the poet and i gotta say i feel so cheated that we are told about this. But don't actually get to see it in fact. I am so upset that i am going to ask you listeners. To fill in this vital gap in continuity and to send us your best ninety s beat palms that i am talking about not just nineties but specifically poems bernard the poet might have produced in the nineteen ninety-six marvel universe. I wonder how that lines up with at time of nila. Ice tried to reinvent himself as a metal singer. Oh my god. What if the put became a metal singer. I i mean that would be awesome. I would love that. But i i love this part. Mainly because we get to see. Allen davis draw so many frigging characters so many characters in this series and his take on the original five is great. I especially like archangel like archangel. You can still see that handsome confident dude. And the apocalypse death machine like simultaneously in the same character design. There's also a great line in this scene where we're scott says with regards to the plan to go see the one night. Comebacker berendt bernard the poet spin awhile since we could unwind like normal people thus confirming got summers has zero idea how normal people unwind and this is a little weird so cannonballs like hey. I heard y'all. We're going to see bernard the poet can i come to and he's very much in. Gee whiz new kid mode which okay that works for like rory destined but really doesn't for cannonball we've been over this thousand times. Like davis makes a charming because davis makes everything but dammit he does not get to come along ultimately because he is the new kid and is thus exiled to the danger to train with storm. What i think is that the oh five or just embarrassed about the idea of anyone else. Seeing bernard the poet because they've built him up as some kind of mythic figure. I mean we both read silver ajax men. I think he's deserving of that reputation. Yeah yeah no. It sounds to me now. Wolverton is around two and he is extremely on edge. His sentenced aren't working quite right. He's not sure why. But it might have something to do with the giant pink dimensional..

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