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That was I would say arguably the worst part of their job. Last year was setting the edge of the defense John Simon Chase winovich really struggled in that role of annoyed did not so I think that this is an easy one and easy one to decide that they should go after him I would get sick and I guess I'll just to backtrack something I said cuz I saw somebody I can remember who points us out on Twitter. There is I guess technically one more patriots satellite campus out there now that's down in Tampa and they do have some linebacker wage depending for agent. So maybe that's competition but it's a different scheme that right, you know, it's not the like the Patriots gave me add two braids becoming more and more the coach. He might take over the defensive side of the ball at some point, This is Todd Bowles of the defense is a very good defensive coordinator. He just won the Super Bowl basically, so I think the other thing was going down there I will mention is that maybe more so than brown noise extremely close with Robbie G as he calls him Rob Gronkowski those who were really good friends in New England. So maybe if you're looking for a Tampa Bay connection, I think it's actually be on Brady wage. It might actually be wrong that could really appeal to Kyle Van Noy again. I think the biggest thing is though is that he knew that Bill Belichick optimized him here in New England. He knew that his skill-set was best song by Bill and I remember he went on I can't remember I think was a Bleacher Report podcast or something like that where he said, I got to New England Bill kind of gave me like a three-step plan of how he was going to use me in this defense fact. I kind of had an epiphany of like, wow, this guy knows exactly how to use me correctly. This is exactly how I should have been playing my entire career and he really turned it around with the Patriots. This would be an awesome move for the pass. This is exactly the type of player the type of situation that they needed somebody that they have a past relationship with that. They can bring in to add to the front seven. I couldn't really think I had never thought of this was a possibility cuz I think he actually had a pretty solid season, you know, you just as a you know, we did last week the cap casualties as a cap casualty. They have Andrew van ginkel who isn't Vannoy but isn't a bad player at all. Solid player so, you know, there's not a nine million dollar gap between the two of them..

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