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New Jersey Devils, Wabc, Chuck Todd discussed on Bernie and Sid in the Morning


Of the traffic center of talk radio seventy seven W. ABC all right tell gremlins in your studio there supermarkets it's the St Louis blues over the New Jersey Devils three to nothing and now your forecast from the Ramsey monster weather center partly sunny skies today the highs forty two when the though with gusts to thirty miles per hour tomorrow partly sunny highs thirty seven and that is your forecast from the ram Singh monster weather center forty five overcast skies from the seventy seven W. A. B. C. news desk I'm Deborah Valentine next update is at seven twenty four seven coverage of the all new WABC radio dot com Bernie and sit in the morning talk radio seventy seven WABC all righty that though the bait is eight o'clock tonight eight PM eastern time led by Lester Holt Chuck Todd he got both of those right burn on coming back we're gonna talk a lot about Aaron judge in the Yankees that is the front cover of today's New York Post little stories about trump's portents of the big debate.

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New Jersey Devils, Wabc, Chuck Todd discussed on Bernie and Sid in the Morning

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