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Who was brought in doctor Scott Gottlieb who in a New York Post editorial came out blatantly instated that cigars sh premium cigar should not be regulated by the FDA it's a waste of time it's a waste of money kids don't smoke cigars you're barking up the wrong tree and I remember reading that on the air making big mention of it when he was appointed as the commissioner of the FDA thinking he's going to do something great he realizes that premium cigar should not be regulated by the FDA and what did not Dr Scott dot Lee do not a damn thing he was lame and flaccid and impotent as they come I'm trying to rein in the tobacco control unit of the FDA there is the head of the F. of the tobacco unit is name is Mitch Zeller I column Mitch zealot because that's exactly what he is he is a zealot zealot Zeller Dr Scott Gottlieb runs the shore did run the show Zeller reports the got league what got leave do let the bureaucrat run the show really unacceptable by somebody that doesn't care about enjoying cigars and being a cigar connoisseur in public Rudy guiliani now Rudy is you know the former mayor of New York and the personal attorney to president trump and sometimes a character that runs his mouth sit too often a time specially the last number of months but interesting story in the New York post's page six the big gossip column on the eve of the house of representatives voting on Donald trump's impeachments worry guiliani was unperturbed enjoying a stogie at his cigar club the former mayor scene in a private back room at the members only cigar bar the grand Havana room on Fifth Avenue a spy said Gee I wonder if this is one of the the spies other works in the FBI that illegally enacted some sort of spying operation on Rudy smoking a cigar operation clandestine puffery we'll call it quote he was puffing away on a cigar looking like he didn't have a care in the world he was in a private room behind a curtain with a few men so scandalous Rudy guiliani enjoying us a car with other men the scandal the help rage ridiculous now Rudy guiliani love cigars effect is a great picture down to put drone headquarters down in little Havana Miami of him coming in and smoking for drone cigars everywhere he goes different cities you'll find a local cigar retailers been in Charlotte tease but here in Tampa you name it you'll spot him he's happy to puff away I've spoken to him on the phone he was with my buddy captain site and they both have a cigar together and no problem and I think it's great that he enjoys cigars he's not afraid to show that he's a smoke cigars how many people get Bill Clinton is like I I don't smoke cigars I just you want him only he smokes cigars the secret service used to run out and buy cigars over Georgetown tobacco form but of course I've never smoked and then if Hillary knew I smoke about be in real trouble I don't smoke a cigar the only time he admitted to smoking cigars when one of the pilots that had been shot down I can't remember where was in Bosnia Herzegovina wherever somewhere he was recovered and he decided to go out on the on the balcony and smoke a cigar that was the only time he publicly admitted to it and there's speculation that Rudy guiliani had been at the grand Havana room before an explosive interview in two thousand eighteen so scandalous Rudy guiliani going to the grand Havana room absolutely ridiculous those of you that remember the cigar Dave officers club we have a fantastic selection of that you will be receiving any day now in fact some of you may have already received it it is the Gregory all introduced to rave reviews at the premium.

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